Four people from the West Herzegovina Canton Gruda, were hospitalized at the University Clinical Hospital Mostar due to infection Q fever. On the basis of information on duty veterinarian Veterinary station Grude and the Institute of Public Health Mostar, received a written confirmation that four people with Drinovačkog hills that are admitted to the hospital in Mostar with Q-fever, writes Fena.

These people have been in contact with sheep, a flock of sheep in quarantine under the control of a veterinarian, and today is the excavation of sheep blood samples and send them to detailed analysis, and depending on the result, the company has further activities, according to a regular report of the Federal Administration Civil Protection. Otherwise, according to the epidemiological report, the Institute of Public Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the year of Q-fever so far, not including the case of Gruda, affected seven people.
During the last year, according to the aforementioned Institute, the bacteria that cause the disease were infected a total of fourteen people.