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Mali - Meningitis outbreak 2024

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    Mali - Meningitis outbreak 2024

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    Meningitis alert: 6 cases detected in Bamako and Gao

    March 25, 2024

    Six cases of meningitis have been confirmed in the Gao region and the Bamako district. The information was given by the General Directorate of Health and Public Hygiene in a press release last week. Its leaders invite the population to collaborate more with health structures in order to stop the disease.

    These cases of meningitis were detected in the health districts of Gao and Ansongo and that of commune 5 of Bamako. According to Dr Yacouba Koné, head of epidemiological surveillance at the national directorate of health and public hygiene, the situation is under control. “Faced with the notification of these cases which have been confirmed, we have undertaken a certain number of measures. In particular, we initiated letters that were sent to all regional directors for the strengthening of epidemiological surveillance at all levels ,” says Dr Koné, responsible for epidemiological surveillance. “We are really preparing ourselves to be able to contain any form of epidemic, when it comes ,” he adds.

    Rapid support recommended

    Dr Gassaga Sissoko, from epidemiological surveillance at the Gao regional health directorate, invites the population to come to the health center in case of symptoms. According to him, the disease is dangerous and deserves more attention. “ Transmission is by air through droplets from a person sick with meningitis to another person. The manifestation is through a high fever, stiffness of the neck, alteration of the state of consciousness,” he explains. He assures that there is already a stock of medicines which are pre-positioned at the structures. “This stock is free. The structures are there. And as soon as a case arises, it is a matter of quickly bringing them back to the care structures, in any case so that the arrangements can be made . ”

    According to health specialists, children are more exposed to meningitis, even though the disease affects people of all ages.

    Six cas de méningite ont été confirmés dans la région de Gao et le district de Bamako. L’information a été donnée par la direction générale de la santé et de l’hygiène publique dans un communiqué la semaine dernière. Ses responsables invitent la population à plus de collaboration avec les structures sanitaires afin de stopper la […]


    Mali: confirmation of cases of meningitis in the Gao region and in the Bamako district

    Published on : March 25, 2024
    By: Mohamed Camara

    The Director General of Health and Public Hygiene instructed, in a circular letter dated March 21, all of his regional directors to take measures following the confirmation by the national laboratory of cases of meningitis. He announced the confirmation of the types of this epidemic: “Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C” in the Gao region, particularly in the health districts of the city of Gao and Ansongo, and “serogroup X and W135” in the district. of Bamako, particularly in commune 5. And detailed certain preventive measures to take in the face of this situation.

    “ I hereby inform you of the confirmation by the national reference laboratory INSP of cases of meningitis due to Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C, in the Gao region (health districts of Gao and Ansongo) and serogroup X and W135 in the District of Bamako (Commune 5) on Tuesday March 19, 2024 ,” immediately informed the Director General of Health in his letter addressed to regional directors.

    He then announced that investigations are underway in the various health districts concerned. But faced with this situation, he urged regional directors to implement the following preventive measures: “ strengthen epidemiological surveillance; widely disseminate this information to socio-health personnel and other community stakeholders; remind socio-health personnel of the national technical guidelines for meningitis surveillance; raise awareness among populations about the clinical manifestations of the disease, modes of transmission and preventive measures; activate epidemic management committees at all levels »

    Mohamed Camara / ©️

    Le directeur général de la santé et de l’hygiène publique a instruit, dans une lettre circulaire datant du 21 mars, à tous ses directeurs régionaux, de prendre des dispositions suite à la confirmation par le laboratoire national de cas de méningite. Il a annoncé la confirmation des types de cette épidémie : « Neisseria meningitidis […]