U.S., Honduran health services battle disease in Honduran mountain community
By Staff Sgt. Eric Summers Jr. | Joint Task Force – Bravo Public Affairs | July 15, 2019

COMAYAGUA, Honduras —

Joint Task Force Bravo in concurrence with the Honduran Ministry of Health conducted a medical investigation into a possible disease outbreak, July 9 and 10, at La Libertad in the district of Comayagua, Honduras.

Members of JTF-B’s Medical Element (MEDEL) examined the area of La Libertad to determine how and where the disease, Leishmaniasis, was spreading in the community and provide any recommendations that may stop infection.

“Our job is to find out how local folks are contracting Leishmaisis,” said U.S. Army Maj. Jorge Chavez, MEDEL public health nurse. “How it is affecting them, how they are managing it locally through the Ministry of Health, how they are treating it, and whether or not there is a pervasive environmental threat to U.S. forces in the area.”...