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BHIVA rapid statement on monkeypox virus - British HIV Association

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  • BHIVA rapid statement on monkeypox virus - British HIV Association

    Tuesday 31 May 2022 (update to original 17 May 2022 statement)

    As of 31 May 2022, 190 cases of monkey pox virus (MPV) have been reported in the UK. Men who had sex with men (MSM) are disproportionately impacted and most cases report no travel to an endemic area. UKHSA are working closely with stakeholders across the NHS, including BASHH, BHIVA and Terrence Higgins Trust to ensure appropriate information is disseminated as broadly as possible and services are supported to provide appropriate screening and management. ...

    Impact of HIV on MPV

    There is limited evidence as to how HIV impacts risk of MPV acquisition or its disease course:
    • 118 MPV cases in Nigeria: 6% mortality rate, 4/7 deaths in people with HIV, at least 3 with advanced HIV and not on ART; total number of people with HIV not described [1]
    • 40 MPV cases in Nigeria (9 with HIV; at least 7 with high viraemia and/or low CD4 counts): people with HIV experienced more prolonged illness, larger lesions, and higher rates of both secondary bacterial skin infections and genital ulcers [2]
    • 34 MPV cases identified in the US: HIV status was not reported; there were no deaths [3] ...