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Sudan: 2023 Dengue

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  • Sudan: 2023 Dengue


    Dengue infection cases rise in Sudan
    18/09/2023 15:30​

    El Gedaref in eastern Sudan is witnessing an increase in dengue fever* infections, with 70 confirmed cases and two deaths reported last week alone. The El Gedaref state government announced the start of a house-to-house campaign to combat the spread of the infection.

    Health sources told Radio Dabanga that cases are spreading in nearly all homes in El Gedaref city, in addition to the displaced people in shelter centres. Infections are typically accompanied by widespread cases of malaria and diarrhoea.

    Adam Hasan, staff member of the El Gedaref Teaching Hospital, told Radio Dabanga that the number of displaced people exceeds 9,000, distributed among 48 shelter centres.

    The spread of dengue fever and the lack of food is gradually worsening the dire humanitarian and health crises faced by displaced people

    “Ten of the shelter centres are not registered with official authorities and thus do not receive quotas of aid,” Adam Hasan continued. “The displaced suffer from irregular distribution of food aid provided by UN agencies and humanitarian organisations, with high prices of goods.”...