A HOSPITAL closed a ward after an outbreak of a deadly superbug.
Seven people were struck down with Clostridium difficile at Glasgow's Western Infirmary.

Five of the victims have recovered from the bug, which kills three times as many people as MRSA.

The other two are still being treated for the infection. Symptoms include fever, vomiting and inflammation of the large intestine.

Dr Bill Anderson, lead infection control doctor at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said there was "no cause for alarm".

He added: "Strict infection control measures have been put in place and the situation is being monitored around the clock."

The general medical ward affected will stay closed until all traces of the bug have been cleared.

Last October, heart operations were cancelled for a day at the Western after Clostridium difficile was found on a ward.

Around 100 patients in Scotland die of diseases linked to the bug every year.