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Sudan/ So. Sudan: 2018 Cholera

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  • Sudan/ So. Sudan: 2018 Cholera


    Death toll mounts in Central Darfur ‘watery diarrhoea’ outbreak
    February 14 - 2018 NIERTETI

    In Nierteti in Central Darfur, the death toll from ‘acute watery diarrhoea’ – suspected of being cholera – has amounted to nine, while the infection cases have risen to more than 100.

    Yesterday activists in voluntary work reported to Radio Dabanga from Nierteti that four people died of the disease while being transported from neighbouring villages to the hospital.

    Five more deaths were reported from Nierteti the previous day...

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    Suspected cholera: Rate of new cases ‘stable’ in Central Darfur
    March 2 - 2018 NIERTETI

    The hospital in Nierteti and medical isolation centres in nearby villages continued to receive patients suffering from what is suspected to be cholera. In most of the isolation wards the numbers of infected people are slightly higher than earlier this week, or stable.

    The isolation wards in Nierteti Hospital, Kuweila, Mara and Korifal villages in the eastern part of Central Darfur received 23 new cases on Thursday, according to a volunteer working in the medical sector. He said that the total number of cases has reached more than fifty patients.

    The volunteer told Radio Dabanga that the centre in Kuweila received 12 new cases on Wednesday and Thursday. The number of people suffering from the disease and being treated in the ward was 39 on Thursday, meaning that the medics in the ward dismissed several people as 36 people were held there on Wednesday...


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      5 March 2018
      Radio Dabanga (Amsterdam)
      Sudan: Suspected Cholera in Central Darfur - One More Dead, 41 New Cases

      Nierteti — One person died of watery diarrhoea, suspected to be cholera, in Central Darfur. The four isolation units in Nierteti locality admitted 41 new patients on Saturday.

      A medical volunteer reported to Radio Dabanga that one of the patients in the isolation unit of Kuweila village died on Saturday.

      The medical units set-up in the villages of Kuweila, Mara, and Korifal in eastern Nierteti received 36 new cases the same day, bringing the total number of patients to 77.

      The source added that 10 infected people are currently being treated at the isolation ward of Nierteti Hospital after five new patients were admitted on Saturday.

      According to cases reported to this station, the death toll in Nierteti this year amounts to 20 people. More than 280 people have been infected with what is suspected to be cholera...


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        11 July 2018
        Radio Dabanga (Amsterdam)
        Sudan: 'Watery Diarrhoea' Reported in Sudan's Red Sea State

        Derudeb — The hospital of Derudeb in Sudan's Red Sea state recorded eight cases of acute watery diarrhoea - which is often caused by cholera* - on Tuesday following intense rains in the area.

        Activists reported: "The town is witnessing severe environmental deterioration after the rainfall" and pointed to the widespread spread of flies and pollution of water sources.

        In addition, they pointed out to the deterioration of the environment of the hospital of Durdeib, which is lacking most of the basic health services...


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          25 July 2018
          Radio Dabanga (Amsterdam)
          Sudan: New Cases of Suspected Cholera in West Kordofan

          Abu Zabad — El Ahmar village of Abu Zabad locality in West Kordofan has recorded eight new cases of acute watery diarrhoea suspected to be cholera on Monday and Tuesday.

          Activists in the village told Radio Dabanga that the patients have been held in a ward built with local material by the residents of the village

          They explained that a team of medical assistants supervise the provision of treatment for cases of infection...


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            Sudan: Health Ministry Acknowledges 800 Deaths From 'Watery Diarrhoea', in 2017
            Radio Dabanga (Amsterdam)
            21 November 2018

            Khartoum — Sudan's Health Minister Mohamed Abuzeid has acknowledged that 800 out 36,000 cases infected with acute watery diarrhoea resulted in fatalities last year.

            He attributed the death toll to a slowdown in environmental and health safety. The Minister said that one of the most serious environmental phenomenon facing Sudan is people using the open as a toilet, in which Sudan ranks in the fourth place in Africa.

            Suspected cholera

            Sudan has experienced an epidemic since 2016 which the Sudanese government insists on calling 'watery diarrhoea' in spite of numerous independent confirmations (conducted according to WHO standards) that the disease which broke out in Blue Nile state in August 2016 was cholera, the Sudanese authorities and several international organisations persistently refer to it as 'acute watery diarrhoea'...