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    Public warning after Brisbane bayside measles case
    A case of measles has been announced on Brisbane’s bayside, with the public warned to seek medical advice if they develop symptoms.
    Antonia O’Flaherty
    The Courier-MailFebruary 28, 20196:54pm

    A CASE of measles has been announced on Brisbane’s bayside, with the public warned to seek medical advice if they develop symptoms...

    ...Locations the person visited while they were likely infectious were:

    — Victoria Point Mall, each afternoon on Saturday 16 February, Sunday 17 February, and Wednesday 20 of February.

    — Norm Price Park, Redland Showgrounds, Cleveland on Saturday 16 February between 5pm and 9pm.

    — Aldi Supermarket, Victoria Point, on the afternoon of Sunday 17 February.

    — Carmel College, Thornlands, on the Monday 18 February and Tuesday 19 February.

    — Good Life Gym, Cleveland, on the afternoon of Monday 18 February.

    — Princess Polly Warehouse Sale, Highland Park, Saturday 23 February between 8.20am and 2.30pm...


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      Measles alert for Qantas flight from Bali
      Tourists seen at Sydney Opera House.
      Two people in NSW, including one who visited the Sydney Opera House, have been diagnosed with measles after catching the highly contagious disease overseas.
      Updated Updated 15 hours ago

      Bali holidaymakers and visitors to the Sydney Opera House are among hundreds urged to look out for measles symptoms after a young woman and infant contracted the disease.

      The two new cases take the number of people infectious with the highly contagious disease in the state since Christmas to 19, NSW Health said on Monday.

      In one case, a woman aged in her 20s developed the measles rash after arriving in Sydney from Bali on Qantas flight QF44 about 6.30am on February 21.

      Health officials are advising those on the flight, in the Sydney international terminal and visitors to the Opera House later that day to remain on the lookout for measles signs and symptoms until March 16...


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        QUEENSLAND Health has been notified of a person with measles who travelled on an international flight to Brisbane while infectious.

        Passengers who arrived in Brisbane on Emirates flight EK 430 from Dubai on Monday, February 26 are urged to be alert for signs of the infectious disease.

        Queensland Health is contacting the passengers of this flight, but also urging people who were at Brisbane International Airport on the night of February 26 to seek medical advice if they develop symptoms.

        Further to this, any visitors or guests of the Brisbane Marriott Hotel between February 26-27 should be alert for symptoms...

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        March 8 2019 - 4:15PM
        Health alert: Measles case in Fairfield
        Chris Boulous

        South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) is urging residents to stay on alert for symptoms of measles following diagnosis of measles in an infant who acquired the infection overseas and visited three Fairfield locations while infected.

        The infant, who was too young to receive routine vaccinations prior to a trip to South East Asia, developed the disease after his return to Sydney. He is now recovering in hospital.

        The infant was in the following locations while infectious:

        Stockland Wetherill Park Shopping Centre, Saturday, March 2, between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm
        DAO Practice, 133 Cabramatta Roadd, Tuesday, March 5, between 10am and 1pm
        Fairfield Hospital ED, Wednesday March 6, between 2am and noon.

        SWSLHD Public Health Unit’s Director Dr Naru Pal said people who were at the locations at the same time as the infant should look out for symptoms until March 23...


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          Second measles warning in one week in greater Brisbane
          Jocelyn Garcia
          By Jocelyn Garcia
          March 10, 2019 — 4.03pm

          A second measles warning has been issued after an infected person visited popular locations south-east of Brisbane.

          The person was likely to be infectious while visiting the Redlands area earlier this month.

          Affected areas include Cleveland Farmers Markets between 8am and 10am and Wellington Point Park between 3pm and 5pm on March 3 and Capalaba Central's Woolworths between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on March 6...


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            March 13 2019 - 2:49PM
            Two more measles cases - that makes four, all still in Darwin
            Chris McLennan

            The local outbreak of measles has now reached four cases following the confirmation of two further cases of this highly contagious disease being diagnosed in Darwin.

            Territorians are warned to be alert for measles and get a measles containing vaccine, known as the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, if required.

            “At this point there are no direct links with the new cases to the previous cases so it is not clear where these new cases, who have not travelled outside of the local area, acquired their disease," Dr Vicki Krause, director of the Centre for Disease Control, said...


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              March 19 2019 - 3:41PM
              Four more measles cases have been confirmed in Darwin - now its eight
              Roxanne Fitzgerald

              A further four measles cases have been confirmed in Darwin over the past two days.

              Two were babies under two years old.

              The outbreak of measles which began in mid-February now totals eight cases.

              According to the Director at the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Dr Vicki Krause, it is unclear where the new cases acquired the disease.

              "There is no direct link to the previous cases and no recent overseas travel," Dr Krause said.

              "Knowing how very contagious measles is, there are likely to be further people with symptoms of measles in Darwin now and for the next several weeks."...

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              New measles alert issued in Perth
              March 19th, 2019, 03:45PMWritten by Staff Writer Eastern Reporter News

              THE City of Bayswater says people who visited Morley Library between 9.25am and 11am last Tuesday may have been exposed to measles.

              The City issued a Facebook post early this afternoon.

              Visitors to the library outside this date and time are at no risk of contracting measles...


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                Unvaccinated student and a backpacker contract measles

                An unvaccinated child has been diagnosed with measles in Sydney, as well as a backpacker. NSW Health has urged the public to be on alert.
                Rhian Deutrom@Rhi_lani
       21, 20191:14pm

                Two people have contracted the deadly measles virus in Sydney, one of whom was an unvaccinated girl.

                NSW Health has issued an urgent alert after confirming a male backpacker, aged in his 20s, and a primary school student were diagnosed with the highly infectious disease this week...

                ...The cases bring the total number of people diagnosed with measles in NSW to 25 since December.

                One of the patients was an unvaccinated primary school student.

                The young girl attends Bonnyrigg Heights Primary School, 37km west of Sydney’s CBD.

                Doctors confirmed she was not vaccinated at the time she contracted measles...

                ...She visited Russel’s Barber Shop on Wilson Rd in Green Valley between 11am and 12.30pm last Thursday.

                Four days later, the girl presented at the Edensor Road Family Medical Centre, in Edensor Park, between 11am and 11.45am.

                After it was determined she had contracted the virus, she was taken to the emergency department of Fairfield Hospital, where she stayed from 12.35pm to 1.45pm...

                ...According to NSW Health, the backpacker had been staying at the Central Perk Backpackers hostel in Haymarket, in Sydney’s CBD, while infected...

                ...The man appeared to have moved around Sydney’s CBD while he was infected.

                Between March 9 and 18, he visited World Square shopping centre, on George St, specifically the Coles supermarket within it.

                He also wandered through a variety of shops surrounding the World Square shopping precinct during this time.

                Officials have urged vigilance from the patients and families who were in the emergency department of St Vincent’s Hospital, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, on Monday, March 18, between 2.45pm and 3.30pm.

                This was the time the backpacker presented for medical treatment...


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                  Officials Issue Measles Health Warning From the F1 Australian Grand Prix
                  Alanis King
                  Today 3:01pm

                  It’s been almost a week since the Australian Grand Prix and start of the Formula One season, but the side effects of attending such a large event didn’t end after the overpriced concessions and traffic mess to go home. On Friday, the Victoria State Government put out a health warning for those who attended the race.

                  The government’s health warning, which is active as of this posting, is for a confirmed case of measles at the track over the weekend, where Valtteri Bottas won the first race of the year over Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. The warning said the person with measles might have been in the contagious stage while at the race, and that they visited several areas of the track...


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                    Measles alert issued for inner Brisbane area
                    12 hours ago / 07:04
                    Mark Braybrook

                    Health authorities are warning people to be on the lookout for measles symptoms after a man in Brisbane was confirmed to be carrying the virus recently.

                    The man was infectious between the 13th and the 21st of March and frequented a number of bars, a gym and the cinema in the Spring Hill and Valley areas of the city...


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                      Measles: Highly infectious illness detected in Townsville
                      KEAGAN ELDER, Townsville Bulletin
                      39 minutes ago

                      A HEALTH alert has been issued after a confirmed case of measles was detected in Townsville.

                      Townsville Public Health physician Dr Julie Mudd said the case presented to Townsville Hospital emergency department on Sunday, displaying symptoms consistent with measles.

                      “The case also attended IGA on Bayswater Road at 5pm on 19 March and 4pm on 22 March; United Petrol Station on Bayswater Road at 7pm on March 24 and Mount Louisa Medical Centre and United Chemist on Monday 25 March from 2-4pm,” Dr Mudd said...


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                        Measles outbreak at two busy Australian airports
                        Health authorities confirm the news - by Eve Swain
                        28 Mar 2019

                        There are real concerns for passengers on three sets of connecting flights and the associated airports between Thailand, Australia and New Zealand could be infected with the measles.

                        A measles warning has been issued after a passenger travelling through Sydney Airport on their way from Thailand to New Zealand was diagnosed with the disease.

                        The traveller was infectious while travelling on Jetstar flight JQ28 from Thailand to Sydney on on March 18.

                        The next day, they flew on Jetstar flight JQ517 from Sydney to Melbourne and Virgin Australia flight VA99 from Melbourne to New Zealand.

                        NSW Health has urged anyone who was on the same flights or in Sydney's international and domestic airports on March 19 to check for symptoms until April 6.

                        It can take up to 18 days for symptoms to develop after a person comes into contact with an infectious person...


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                          Two babies too young to be vaccinated infected with measles in Sydney
                          By Kate Aubusson
                          April 2, 2019 — 6.08pm

                          Two babies too young to be vaccinated have contracted measles in Sydney, as NSW is on track to record its highest rate of the disease in five years.

                          An eight-month-old and an 11-month-old have been diagnosed with the highly-contagious infection, prompting NSW Health to again warn the public to be looking out for measles symptoms.

                          The infants likely caught the infection from two previously reported measles cases, who spent time in a number of public places while infectious: a backpacker in the CBD and a man in Eastwood.

                          The babies bring the total number of measles cases in NSW since Christmas to 29...


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                            NSW measles cases hit 30 after young woman infected by stranger in clinic
                            By Kate Aubusson
                            April 4, 2019 — 5.26pm

                            A young woman has become the 30th person to be diagnosed with measles in NSW since Christmas.

                            The alert comes days after two babies too young to be vaccinated caught the infection from strangers in public areas in Sydney, as Australia creeps towards a five-year record high number of cases.

                            The woman likely acquired the highly contagious infection in the waiting room of a medical practice in Eastwood in mid-March. She was at the clinic the same time as a patient who was infectious after contracting measles on a trip to Thailand.

                            Before she was diagnosed, the woman visited a number of public locations and travelled on public transport while infectious.

                            Friday, March 29

                            521 bus from Mobbs Lane before Epping Park, Epping, departing 7.21am to Eastwood station Train departing Eastwood at 7.32am to Redfern
                            309 bus departing at 8.28am from Redfern Station to Gardeners Road Public School opposite Gillespie Ave, Rosebery
                            The Pommery Café, Alexandria, between 10am and 10.30am
                            309 bus departing at 5.12pm from Botany Rd opposite Harcourt Parade, Alexandria, to Redfern Station
                            PAR Redfern, Redfern at 5.50pm
                            309 bus from Redfern Station at 6.11pm, arriving at Green Square Station about 6.20pm
                            Woolworths and BWS, Zetland between 6.30pm and 7.20pm

                            Saturday, March 30

                            301 bus departing at 10.27am from Roseberry Avenue before Epsom Rd, Zetland to Redfern Station
                            Train departing 10.54am from Redfern Station to Epping
                            M54 bus departing Rawson St after Carlingford Rd (Epping Station) at 11.33am to Willoughby St after Ryde Street near Loftus Square Park Epping

                            Sunday, March 31

                            Shops within the vicinity of Auburn Rd Auburn between 3.30pm and 4.45pm

                            Monday, April 1

                            521 bus from Mobbs Lane to Eastwood station, departing Mobbs Lane at 7.21am
                            Train from Eastwood to Redfern, departing Eastwood at 7.32am
                            309 bus from Redfern Station to Gardeners Road Public School departing Redfern between 8.11am and 8.24am
                            309 bus from Botany Rd opposite Harcourt Pde to Redfern Station, departing Botany Rd about 9.30am
                            Train from Redfern to Eastwood between 9.30 and 10am
                            Chemist Warehouse Eastwood, about noon


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                              Measles crisis intensifies as woman in her 40s becomes the fourth case just a week after contracting disease in busy shopping centre

                              Measles crisis in NSW intensifies as woman in 40s becomes fourth case in week
                              Thirty one people have been diagnosed with measles in NSW since Christmas
                              It's believed woman got disease in mid-March visiting Eastwood shopping centre
                              Follows from news earlier in week that two babies caught the disease in Sydney
                              Authorities on Thursday confirmed another woman diagnosed with measles
                              By Australian Associated Press and Jon Talbot For Daily Mail Australia

                              Published: 04:17 EDT, 5 April 2019 | Updated: 04:17 EDT, 5 April 2019

                              Australia's measles crisis has intensified with a women in her 40s becoming the fourth case in a week after contracting the disease in a busy shopping centre.

                              It's believed the woman contracted the disease in mid-March while visiting the Eastwood shopping precinct, including the Eastwood Shopping Centre, in Sydney's northwest.

                              She spent time in several areas between March 28 and April 4 including Crows Nest and Eastwood while infectious.

                              NSW Health is urging people who may be susceptible to measles and who may have been in the same locations to be alert for symptoms of measles until April 22...


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                                NSW Health has issued a new measles alert after two tourists were at Gold Coast airport and several NSW north coast towns while infectious.
                                Updated Updated 53 mins ago

                                Two unvaccinated Australian tourists have sparked a measles alert in the region with the worst immunisation rates in the country.

                                NSW Health is warning visitors to Gold Coast airport and several NSW north coast towns to remain alert for measles symptoms after the pair of returned travellers caught the disease in Asia...

                                ...Since Christmas, NSW has recorded 33 measles cases - a rate almost five times higher than over the two years before that.

                                The two travellers, aged in their 20s, likely acquired the infection while in the Philippines in mid-March and were unwell before landing on the Gold Coast on March 30, NSW Health said.

                                They visited shops in Pottsville and Cabarita on April 2 before seeking medical treatment in Murwillumbah and Tweed Hospital the following day.

                                Anyone on Scoot flight TR6 on March 30 or in the same locations as the travellers have been urged to be alert until April 22 for measles symptoms, which including fever and a cough followed by a blotchy rash days later...