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Israel: 2018 Measles

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  • Israel: 2018 Measles


    Measles cases spike suddenly
    In March, 130 measles cases were confirmed, despite no cases having been reported in January and February.
    July 11, 2018 05:32

    Forty-two residents were found to have contracted measles from the beginning of June until July 4, Walla News reported. Of those infected, 14 are from Safed and 11 are from Acre.

    In March, 130 measles cases were confirmed, despite no cases having been reported in January and February...

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    Israel: An Alarming Increase in Reported Cases of the Measles
    August 26, 2018 12:30 pm

    Amid concerns of Leptospirosis and West Nike virus, Israeli healthcare community officials are reporting a worrisome increase in the number of cases of the measles, which seems to continue spreading in the country. According to the Ministry of Health, there has been a major increase until the month of August as compared to recent years.

    According to the Health Ministry, from January to August 2018, there were 184 documented cases of measles nationwide, as compared to 16 cases in the same time period a year earlier.

    The city with the most cases is Petach Tikvah, with 53 reported cases. Tzefas is second with 47 cases, Tel Aviv third with 22, and Jerusalem with 20. It should be noted that these are minimal numbers, and it is estimated that most cases of measles are not reported to the Ministry of Health when it comes to mild cases...


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      Health Ministry warns of possible measles infection on Uman flights to Israel
      Passengers who traveled to Tel Aviv on three specific flights said to be at risk, urged to see a doctor immediately
      By TOI staff 17 September 2018, 6:55 pm 0

      The Health Ministry on Monday warned of a potential measles outbreak among people who returned from the annual pilgrimage to the Ukrainian city of Uman last week.

      The ministry said passengers traveling to Israel on three flights on September 12 were confirmed to have the measles, and warned that passengers on those flights were at risk of contracting the disease.

      The statement said passengers on Ukrainian Airways flights PS101 and 779 and KLM flight 461 should see a doctor immediately.

      The ministry said children, pregnant women and those suffering from auto-immune disorders were particularly susceptible to the disease.

      Last month, the Health Ministry reported a massive increase in the number of reported cases of measles in Israel this year. It said 262 reported cases of the measles had been reported since the start of 2018, compared to only nine in all of 2016, and 33 cases in 2017...