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AR: 2016/2017 Mumps- Outbreak in Northwest/Central Arkansas 2,951 suspected/confirmed cases to date; Cases at UCA; Case at Henderson State

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  • AR: 2016/2017 Mumps- Outbreak in Northwest/Central Arkansas 2,951 suspected/confirmed cases to date; Cases at UCA; Case at Henderson State

    Springdale: List of schools with Mumps cases grows to 7
    UPDATED 1:23 PM CDT Sep 01, 2016

    SPRINGDALE ?UPDATE: Thurs. Sept. 1 -- Mumps has been detected at three additional Springdale Schools, Westwood Elementary, Smith Elementary and the Archer Alternative Learning Center. This brings the total number of schools to 7.

    Two staff members and 16 total students have symptoms of mumps, according to Rick Schaeffer with the school district...

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    AR Mumps Outbreak Numbers Still Rising
    Published 09/02 2016 12:05PM
    Updated 09/02 2016 01:11PM

    SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA) -- There are now four confirmed cases of mumps and 48 reported cases in Northwest Arkansas, according to the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).

    That brings the total of reported mumps cases to 52.

    On Thursday, there were two confirmed cases and 37 reported cases of mumps. Meg Mirivel with the ADH said she expects the number to rise.

    The "outbreak" began on Wednesday with eight reported cases of mumps. The number has since increased by six times.

    The ADH said there is a concern with potential for exposure because of the Labor Day holiday weekend travel. The department said it can be weeks before symptoms appear...


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      Springdale Schools Reports Suspected Mumps Cases In 14 Schools, 27 Students
      Posted 2:26 pm, September 1, 2016, by Zuzanna Sitek, Updated at 04:20pm, September 2, 2016

      SPRINGDALE (KFSM) ? The number of schools affected by suspected mumps cases has grown from four to seven to ten Friday (Sept. 2) in the Springdale School District.

      District Spokesman Rick Schaeffer said there are now 11 additional students who are showing symptoms of mumps, which brings the total number of students 27, along with two staff members. The number of schools that are affected has also gone up from seven schools to ten, according to Schaeffer.

      The affected schools include:

      Springdale High School
      Lakeside Junior High
      Sonora Middle School
      Turnbow Elementary
      Archer Learning Center
      Thurman G. Smith Elementary
      Westwood Elementary
      Tyson Middle School
      Tyson Elementary
      Jones Elementary
      Lee Elementary
      Southwest Junior High
      Parson Hills Elementary
      Walker Elementary...


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        Mumps Cases on The Rise in Northwest Arkansas
        Updated 09/06 2016 12:25PM

        ...The Department of Health reported 14 confirmed cases and 59 clinically diagnosed cases in the area.

        The total number of reported cases is now at a total of 73, according to the department...


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          Mumps Continues to Impact Springdale
          Published 09/07 2016 04:17PM
          Updated 09/07 2016 07:29PM

          SPRINGDALE, Ark.--

          Cases of the mumps continue to impact Northwest Arkansas.

          According to the state Department of Health, as of Wednesday, there are now 64 total cases. The number has decreased due to negative tests being returned.

          Those cases are still just in the Springdale area...


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            Mumps Cases in Bentonville and Rogers Linked to Springdale
            Published 09/08 2016 11:27AM
            Updated 09/08 2016 11:34AM


            As of Thursday, there are 76 cases of mumps in Northwest Arkansas.

            According to Meg Mirivel with the Arkansas Department of Health, "a few" cases of mumps have been seen in Bentonville and Rogers and those cases have been linked to mumps cases in Springdale...


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              Northwest Arkansas mumps outbreak spreads into Rogers
              Posted: Fri 6:58 AM, Sep 09, 2016

              ROGERS, Ark. (AP) An outbreak of mumps in northwest Arkansas has spread into Rogers.

              Rogers School District spokeswoman Ashley Siwiec told reporters Thursday that at least two students likely had mumps...


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                89 with mumps in Arkansas, cases now in several cities
                By Elicia Dover Friday, September 9th 2016

                The Arkansas Department of Health says they have confirmed 89 cases of mumps as of Friday morning.

                The cases have now spread beyond Springdale, where the viral infection was first spotted...


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                  Mumps Confirmed In Fayetteville Elementary School Student
                  Posted 9:55 am, September 12, 2016,
                  by Shawnya Meyers, Updated at 10:24am, September 12, 2016

                  FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) ? Fayetteville Public Schools announced on Monday (Sept. 12) that a student at Butterfield Trail Elementary has a confirmed case of mumps.

                  FPS was notified that a second grade student has a confirmed case of the mumps on Sunday (Sept. 11), according to a press release.

                  The Arkansas Department of Health requires students with confirmed mumps to stay out of school until five days after they are no longer showing symptoms. The ADH is also requiring students who are not vaccinated to remain out of school until they have either had the vaccine or for a period up to 26 days...


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                    Health official: Mumps outbreak at 89 cases and growing
                    Posted Sep 12, 2016 at 5:19 PM Updated Sep 12, 2016 at 6:02 PM
                    By John Lyon / Arkansas News Bureau

                    LITTLE ROCK ? Eighty-nine cases of mumps have been confirmed in northwest Arkansas, and that number is expected to continue growing for months, a state health official told a legislative panel Monday.

                    ?Because mumps is highly communicable, it?s challenging to get a hold of it,? Arkansas Department of Health Director Dr. Nate Smith told the House and Senate committees on public health, welfare and labor. ?Eventually, these outbreaks do come under control, but it?s likely that we will continue to see new cases for several months, despite doing everything that?s possible to be done.?

                    Smith said 61 of the patients are children, 23 are adults and no age was available for five...


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                      Mumps Cases In NWA Now Up To 135; Case Confirmed In Huntsville
                      Posted 3:39 pm, September 13, 2016, by Zuzanna Sitek

                      SPRINGDALE (KFSM) ? The Arkansas Department of Health said Tuesday (Sept. 13) the number of suspected and confirmed cases of mumps stood at 135.

                      A reported case of mumps in the Huntsville School District has also been confirmed, the health department said. That brings the total of school districts with confirmed cases of the mumps to three: Springdale, Rogers and Huntsville.

                      The health department is also independently investigating reports of mumps in West Fork and Fayetteville, although the Fayetteville School District said Monday a doctor notified the district that his patient, who is an elementary school student, had the mumps.

                      During a regular meeting with lawmakers in Little Rock, the health department said Monday the virus was likely brought to the Northwest Arkansas by a person who had traveled from Iowa, which is dealing with its own outbreak of mumps...


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                        Mumps Update: 162 Cases in Northwest Arkansas
                        Published 09/15 2016 03:34PM
                        Updated 09/15 2016 04:46PM

                        NORTHWEST ARKANSAS

                        There are now 162 mumps cases in Northwest Arkansas, according to Meg Mirivel with the Arkansas Department of Health.

                        As of Thursday afternoon, no new schools have reported any mumps.

                        Mumps has been reported in schools in Rogers, Springdale, West Fork, Huntsville and Fayetteville. The first few cases of mumps were reported on Wednesday, Aug. 31...


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                          Mumps Cases Up to 196 in Northwest AR
                          Published 09/16 2016 02:39PM

                          FAYETTEVILLE, AR.--

                          The Arkansas Department of Health said there are now 196 cases of mumps in Northwest Arkansas...


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                            Number of Mumps cases in NWA rises to 302
                            UPDATED 3:14 PM CDT Sep 22, 2016

                            The number of suspected and lab confirmed cases of Mumps in Northwest Arkansas rose to 302 as of Wednesday morning, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.

                            The department is requiring many students who have not been vaccinated to stay home in order to prevent them from getting the mumps. The MMR vaccine is 88% effecting in preventing Mumps in people who have received the recommended two doses...


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                              The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) is investigating an outbreak of Mumps in northwest Arkansas.
                              CURRENT CASE COUNT:

                              The ADH will now report all suspected and lab confirmed cases of mumps as part of the total case count.

                              Total Cases Under Investigation: 322
                              Updated 9/23/16 12:33 PM
                              In response to the outbreak, ADH isrequiring students in the same school with vaccine exemptions for the MMR(Mumps, Measles, and Rubella) vaccine to be excluded from school for 26 days from the date of exposure and until the outbreak has ended. Students with non-medical exemptions, who receive the recommended doses of MMR vaccine, may return to school immediately. Right now, this outbreak affects schools in the Huntsville, Rogers, and Springdale School Districts. ADH is working with people who have potentially been exposed and contacting area clinics and hospitals to make sure they are aware that they may see cases of Mumps...

                              Affected Districts and Schools List