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CA: 2012 Chickenpox cases- Case at San Quentin state prison

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  • CA: 2012 Chickenpox cases- Case at San Quentin state prison


    Chickenpox cases at George Bailey
    Written by
    Susan Shroder
    6:39 p.m., Feb. 23, 2012

    SAN DIEGO -- Two inmates at the county’s George Bailey Detention Facility in Otay Mesa have been isolated from the rest of the jail population because they have chickenpox, the Sheriff’s Department said...



    Chickenpox break out at county jail
    5:58 p.m. PST, February 23, 2012

    OTAY MESA, Calif. -- An outbreak of chickenpox at George Bailey Detention Facility has left two inmates quarantined, authorities reported Thursday...
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    Re: CA: 2012 Chickenpox cases- Cases in Mariposa


    Chicken Pox in Mariposa (With Audio)
    Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 08:48

    At the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors meeting for June 26, 2012, Mariposa County Health Officer Dr. Mosher provided an up-date to the BOS on John C. Fremont Hospital...

    ...Last Friday morning they began an in-depth examination with the Health Department as they examined patients and took samples that could be examined in a public health laboratory in Richmond, CA. There are two confirmed cases in residents in the skilled nursing facility and one suspected case. There is a confirmed case of someone coming into Emergency after getting off an airplane, two confirmed cases in employees and two suspected cases in employees. They began a contact investigation with those employees and it has led to a hospital in Merced, San Diego, Wisconsin, Chicago, Fresno and places in Mariposa...


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      Re: CA: 2012 Chickenpox cases- Cases in Mariposa


      More Chicken Pox: What's Going Around for the Week of July 3
      Brooke Beare, CBS Local 2 News Anchor,
      POSTED: 08:59 PM PDT Jul 03, 2012 UPDATED: 09:10 PM PDT Jul 03, 2012

      A childhood illness is making a comeback in the Mid-Valley. And it's not only affecting kids...

      ...Shingles are the big story in La Quinta. This painful skin condition is caused by a virus and needs to be treated by a doctor. Dr. Erica Ruiz says chicken pox is also going around among babies younger than 1 year old. It's also caused by a virus...


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        Re: CA: 2012 Chickenpox cases- Cases iat San Francisco State Univ.


        SFSU health officials issue chicken pox advisory
        Updated at 12:35 PM today
        by Sergio Quintana

        SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco State University health officials have put out an advisory this weekend after two students were diagnosed with chicken pox...

        ...Both students were diagnosed at San Francisco State University this week. One student lives in Alameda County and the other lives in Eldorado County. They are unrelated and were infected before coming to campus...


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          Re: CA: 2012 Chickenpox cases- Case at a drop-in teen center in Manhattan Beach


          MBMS/Teen Center Youth Has Chickenpox

          The youngster attended a city Teen Center Drop-In Program unaware of the illness. Here's how you can tell if you or someone you know has chickenpox and what to do. A vaccine does exist to help prevent the illness.

          By Liz Spear
          Email the author
          2:21 pm

          A Manhattan Beach youth who attended the city's Teen Center's Drop-In Program on Tuesday has been diagnosed with a contagious form of chickenpox, said City Manager David Carmany. The youngster did not know he/she had chickenpox at the time.

          The youth's mother is said to have also provided the information to the child's school, Manhattan Beach Middle, and Teen Center staff will inform parents of other youngsters when they pick up their child...


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            Re: CA: 2012 Chickenpox cases- Case at a drop-in teen center in Manhattan Beach


            Third case of chicken pox reported at SFSU
            Updated at 04:47 PM today

            SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Students at San Francisco State University are being warned to look for symptoms of the chicken pox after a third person came down with the disease this week.

            School officials say it involves a student who lives on campus and uses the dining facilities...


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              Re: CA: 2012 Chickenpox cases- Case at San Quentin state prison


              San Quentin Under Medical Lockdown

              Chickenpox case forces prison officials to suspend visitations and volunteer programs at the facility.

              By Derek Wilson
              October 27, 2012

              San Quentin State Prison is under a medical lockdown after a case of chickenpox was discovered among the inmates.

              Volunteer programs and visitations will be suspended until the prison medical staff determines it is safe for them to resume. Prison staff said they are trying to limit the exposure and spread of the chickenpox virus among inmates, prison staff and outsiders.

              The medical staff is currently trying to determine which inmates and staff are immune to the virus and to isolate those who currently have chicken pox...