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Effect from exposure to Dental x-rays - review

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  • Effect from exposure to Dental x-rays - review
    Kosar S,Koundal A. Effect from exposure to Dental x-rays.J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2022;10(5):88-91.
    Purpose for this review is to outline the results of different studies on exposure to dental x-rays and related health risk. To perform the exploratory review, we searched the EMBASE, PUBMED, MEDLINE and NCBI databases for papers published before September 2021. A total of 3158 studies, eliminating copied studies, were found. The final 26 studies were selected. For health outcome 12 studies about intracranial tumor, 6 about thyroid tumor, 4 about neck and head areas and 4 related to systematic health.

    In intracranial tumor studies, the link between dental x-ray exposure and meningeal tumor was significant in 8 of the 12 studies. In 5 of the 6 thyroid tumor related studies, there was a significant association with dental diagnostic x-rays. Neck and head area studies include salivary gland, laryngeal and parotid gland tumors. There was significant association between full mouth x-ray and salivary gland cancer, and not parotid gland cancer. Health outcomes like cataract, low birth weight and leukemia was also reported. In some studies examining health effects related to dental diagnostic x-ray exposure, increased risk of meningeal tumor and thyroid cancer was suggested. More studies on large population should be designed.
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