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Egypt - Assiut, Some h1n1 statistics, Alexandria, Menoufia, more confirmed cases, Luxor with more new suspects.

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  • Egypt - Assiut, Some h1n1 statistics, Alexandria, Menoufia, more confirmed cases, Luxor with more new suspects.

    The death of two and injuring 13 swine flu Thursday, December 31st, 2009 - 20:36

    D. Hatem the Minister of Health wrote Jacqueline Munir Majid Imam, Ayman Hassanein Victims Saleh Mustafa Jaber

    The incidence of mortality and the incidence of swine flu in the provinces of the Republic, which monitored the health directorates and death cases in Alexandria and Menoufia and injuring 13 cases in Alexandria and Assiut, and suspected in 6 cases in Luxor.

    In Alexandria, Dubai Chamber of follow-up of swine flu in the province of Alexandria according to official medical reports received by the Fever Hospital, the death of a woman at the age of 40 years after she was diagnosed with swine flu, which has already announced that the room of her disease.

    Also announced that the room for the emergence of 6 new cases of the disease are a woman, 77, area symbols and the western neighborhood of student Biaadady Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, called the Third Division of the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, and a driver 51 years Amiriya district and a woman, 23, Sidi Bishr park, and a student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Third Year University of Alexandria, and all cases had been detained Viral Hospital for treatment.

    In Menoufia, died on Thursday at the county's seventh case of bird pigs person named Wadih descriptor 65 years, from the village center facility Henwan El Kom,
    Dr. Hisham Atta, Deputy Minister of Health Menoufia deceased that the situation had been detained El Kom Teaching Hospital, 3 days following the onset of illness from high temperature and pains.

    He added that the deceased was suffering from a disease diabetes and acute kidney failure, and that samples have been taken from relatives of the deceased to analyze the situation and indicate whether he had been infected or not.

    In Assiut, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid, director of preventive medicine to maintain the injury of 7 new cases of swine flu, including two school children, bringing the number of infected people in the province to more than 133 cases, died, including 4 cases so far. The Fever Hospital had received yesterday the first of "a. H. P" 6 years, school student Arabs Alawamr Abnob status, and "Al. A. M" 13 years, school student Ismail Qabani junior at Assiut, and "a. B. t "17-year college student status of Badari, and" Q. e. a "19 years, housewife city of Assiut, and" m. a. h "54 years old housewife in the village of Bath Bobnob, and" m. e. m "5 years Izziyah Bmnfelot child in the village, and "a. G. a, 32 years old" factor city Abo Teeg.

    Abdul Hamid added that the number of injured was 133 HIV-positive patients have recovered 122 injured, while having only 7 patients treated at a hospital diets, which have taken the measurements of the seven wounded, for analysis and identification of illness, were given a drug "Tamiflu".
    For his part, issued a General Nabil Ezabi governor of Assiut decision to close two chapters Bmsty Arabs Alawamr Bobnob Mubarak, Ismail Qabani city of Assiut after the emergence of the disease by two students for a period of 15 days.

    In Luxor, was detained by the Department of Health on Thursday, 6 new cases of suspected bird pigs, "said Osama al-Hadi and Deputy Directorate of Health in Luxor that the six detainees, they Tayeb Mohammed Sadiq, 56, and Mustafa Ahmed Sohry 60 years and Sameh Aziz appealed for 45 years, Ahmed Hassan Abdasameea 5 years, and Abdul Rahman Mohamed Abu El-Haggag 3 years, and Ms. Phoebe Joseph 30 years.

    Specimens were taken of them and sent to the central laboratory in Cairo to ensure the validity of injury.