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Egypt - Menoufia, Alexandria, Fayoum More positives along with new suspects, class rooms closed.

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  • Egypt - Menoufia, Alexandria, Fayoum More positives along with new suspects, class rooms closed.

    7 cases of swine flu in Fayoum and Alexandria
    Monday, December 28, 2009 - 14:11

    7 cases of swine flu in Fayoum and Alexandria - Picture archives
    Rabab wrote Jali and Jacqueline Munir Majid Imam Hassan Afifi

    Decided to engineer Sami Amara Governor Menoufia, close the chapter of the study prove positive new cases of infection from bird to pig Aloskvip private school student Menouf city organized, called Manar Abdel Hamid (13 years) second grade middle school student.

    He said. Hesham Atta and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health had been cleared Menoufia chapter, who appeared the situation, and taking samples from the rest of the students for analysis with the formation of a medical team to follow up the case of students in school

    In Qalyubiyah decided Counselor Adly Hussein, governor of Qalyoubia closure of 3 classes in two schools in particular and Khanka day for 15 days due to the presence of bird flu.
    Jamal al-Arab, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, he decides to close the chapter in a school compound in particular happy to hit the student Ahmed Adel Shehata, have been closed two semesters of St. Joseph School Bakhankp injury two students Nada Walid Sharif Hassan Rola Wehbe.

    In Alexandria, Dubai Chamber of follow-up of swine flu in the province of Alexandria as the emergence of new disease, 6 cases of swine flu are children 4 months and a half area Alhanovil Agami Amriya district and 13 years working in the village? Apis District 7 Central and workers (24 years) Balordian district west and the main university hospital nurse (31 years) Palmtras district west and student at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, the first contingent of Kafr Al-Sheikh, called the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, the third year, and all cases had been detained under a hospital dietary treatment.

    In Fayoum suspected doctors at a hospital in Fayoum year in the national bird infected pigs and was detained in hospital, and take the necessary samples of it to be sent to labs central Ministry of Health for analysis and confirmed as suffering from the disease or not.

    Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed al-Shafie (55 years) of the path of heat has entered the city of Fayoum, Fayoum General Hospital, suffering from high fever and symptoms of swine flu and doctors suspected of being infected with the disease and was detained in hospital pending the receipt of test results of samples from the central laboratory Ministry of Health.