11 injured in the case of swine flu in Alexandria
Monday, December 21, 2009 - 15:55

Major General Adel Labib, Governor of Alexandria
Alexandria Jacqueline Munir

Dubai Chamber of follow-up to the swine flu in the province of Alexandria in the emergence of 11 new cases.

Cases was a third grader Intermediate School Mohamed Zahran Smūha East District and lawyers (43 years), Sidi Bishr district of the park and the first middle school student in grade school Zahra Janaklis East District and a woman (60 years) Cape Suda neighborhood park and a young (21 years) District, customs and student at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels the fourth year, University of Alexandria.

As a staff member on campus Benin Smūha East District and called for the fourth year, the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University, and a woman (76 years), the land of Ibrahim al-Khawaja, East District and a woman (42 years), Fleming, East District area, and all cases had been detained under a hospital dietary treatment.