The high number of infected swine flu Sohag to 44
Monday, December 21, 2009 - 18:32

Rising number of infected swine flu in Sohag
Sohag Mehmood Maqbool

Budgeted for Preventive Medicine in Sohag Directorate of Health on Monday, the 5 positive cases of new confirmed she was diagnosed with swine flu centers of various conservative school and at home, where it came from the first case of a student Orsany Nagy Habib (8 years) from the School of nuns, and the second case of the child, Ayman Rabi (6 years) Center of Sohag, the third case of the child Hassan Abu Otaiwi (4 years) and a resident of the city Juhaina and the fourth child forbid Mahmoud Abdel-Hafez (6 years) and a resident Juhaina and the fifth case came to Krawles Nubar Anis (13 years) students and residents were booked cases, Sohag Sohag General Hospital, have been taken samples of the five injured, and sent to the central laboratory in Cairo, which stressed the positive condition were given a drug Tamiflu, and their conditions are now stable in order to increase the incidence of positive to 44 at the county level since the onset of the disease.

Were detained with 13 new cases today, they showed symptoms, were sampled and sent to the central laboratory in Cairo to determine the extent of becoming ill or not, said Dr. Ali Khairi Haraz Hospital Director-General of Sohag.