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Egypt - Assiut: 10 cases of H1N1 flu deaths

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  • Egypt - Assiut: 10 cases of H1N1 flu deaths

    "Health Assiut": the death of 10 cases of H1N1 flu

    completed the Health Directorate in Asyut, the results of medical tests carried out for a number of patients with influenza, proved positive hit 53 people with seasonal flu, of whom 10 died in Assiut University Hospital, Assiut was issued, diets with recovered 13 cases and 30 cases are subject to treatment. Dr. Ahmed Anwar Undersecretary in Asyut, to provide real estate ' Tamiflu ' all health hospitals and Assiut University, pointing to take samples from all cases up to hospitals and sent to a central laboratory in Cairo to ensure positive or Negative samples with all suspected cases, necessary treatment until the arrival of the sampling results and said that the confirmed infection cases have reached 53 if various health hospitals and Assiut University of different ages, and 30 cases of intensive therapy.
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