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Egypt: 4 die of H1N1 flu in Arish - North Sinai governorate - MoA denies any H5N1 bird flu in poultry

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  • Egypt: 4 die of H1N1 flu in Arish - North Sinai governorate - MoA denies any H5N1 bird flu in poultry

    A state of emergency was announced at Arish General Hospital after the death of three patients from swine flu.

    The governorate received six suspected cases of swine flu, three of whom died, said hospiral director Ahmed Azmy in a statement Wednesday.


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    Please also see:

    Egypt - Media report: North Sinai governorate MoH announces 2 new bird flu H5N1 cases including 1 death - January 13, 2016


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      On the 12th there was a denial. So what caused the 2 or 3 deaths?

      Agent health Arish denies the death of two cases of swine flu in El-Arish

      Tuesday 12-01-2016 | 14:45

      Ahmed Shuhdi

      Denied Dr. Tarek Khater, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in northern Sinai News addressed by the news sites the death of two citizens Hospital Arish with swine flu.
      The risk that the hospital Arish year, received only two cases suspected in infected with swine influenza and examined the cases show a negative case and other positive cases and be treated in accordance with the protocols of the Ministry of Health denied the death of any patients in northern Sinai with swine flu.

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        4th suspected swine flu victim dies in North Sinai
        Sat, 16/01/2016 - 11:36

        Al-Masry Al-Youm
        A fourth person suspected of having swine flu (H1N1) died in North Sinai on Friday, a medical source has said, as new suspected cases emerged over the past week. Officials have denied the new cases.

        A woman died at a hospital in Beir al-Abd, raising the deathtoll to four since last Tuesday, according to the source, adding that eight other suspected victims have been quarantined inside the central hospital in Arish.
        Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm
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          UPDATE: Health Ministry claims influenza, not swine flu responsible for recent deaths
          Sat, 16/01/2016 - 16:19

          Islam Farouk

          Al-Masry Al-Youm
          The Health Ministry has stressed that no cases of swine flu have been detected recently, as news reports emerge on several deaths from the disease over the past few days in a number of provinces.

          It is rather a seasonal H1N1 influenza that is currently common locally, regionally and internationally, and not the so-called swine flu, according to Amr Qandil, the ministry's head of Preventive Medicine. That virus, according to Qandil, is responsive to Tamiflu dosages.

          Concerning the H5N1 "bird flu", Qandil said all of the 1,037 suspected infections discovered since November 2015 all turned out to be negative.

          It was earlier reported on Saturday that a fourth person suspected of having swine flu (H1N1) died in North Sinai on Friday, according to a medical source. New suspected cases have emerged over the past week, though officials have denied the new cases.

          Comment: So this really seems to be a case of semantics. H1N1 pdm09 is still commonly known as "swine flu" in many parts of the world. Strictly speaking, it no longer should be as this muddies the waters since there are many different types of influenza viruses circulating in pigs with the potential to jump to humans. But the reality in this case seems to be that the H1N1 virus being reported by the government is the same as the swine flu being reported in the press. The Health Ministry is being unclear on this, perhaps intentionally. - Ro
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          The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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            5 H1N1pdm09 cases, including 1 death - interestingly in the same report a denial of any H5N1 bird flu outbreaks by the Veterinary department.

            Swine flu hit North Sinai .. and deaths and the detention of 4 Hospital, Bir al-Abed .. people's demanding surrounded the disease and the failure of officials complain .. and veterinary medicine proclaim the vacancy of the province of avian influenza

            Tuesday, January 19, 2016 - 5:02 Swine flu virus North Sinai - Mohammed Hussein We arrived swine flu to North Sinai disease, announced the province in succession her data, evidence of injury 5 patients infected with swine flu, including one who died, and 4 cases of mortgage Hospital, Bir al-Abed central treatment, all of them relatives of the patient who died.

            According to medical sources and statements of the province, the 18 patients infected with seasonal flu have been detained under treatment in Arish and Bir al-Abed hospitals, the statement pointed out that the number of suspected cases in El-Arish Hospital 11 cases, and reached analyzes 5 of them and show it to I take the swine flu virus and was awaiting the result of analysis of 6 cases. Among the detainees are two Tmathlta to heal. In Bir al-Abed Hospital, were detained 7 cases, out of which 3 cases after healing, and currently resides 4 infected with swine flu, for its part, medical sources announced today that it reached the hospital three new cases of suspected swine flu, and they both "Hdy.h. G. 35 years old "and the girl child" Habibh.s.m -4 years ", and the child" Faris.a.a -3 months. "said Dr. Tarek Khater, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in northern Sinai, have been taken isolation measures and take preventive measures in all hospitals the province for people with seasonal flu disease, infection control and prevent transmission of the disease, both of Mkhaltin of parents, relatives and patients or the medical team. He said in a press statement, on the availability of the drug Tamiflu as a treatment for an immediate period of 5 days for all suspected cases, and if positive disease proved to increase the duration of treatment 5 more days until the stabilization of the situation and get out after healing. For their part, complained that the people of North Sinai of ambiguity on the part of officials in the Declaration of the fact influenza type of people living with detainees and other diseases as well as inaction in the work of isolated individuals infected family swine flu Bir al-Abed center procedures, which started infecting a person who was in work outside the province, and he died as a result of his illness and then suffered cases of other injury of a number of his relatives. and saw the Bir al-Abed and Al-Arish hospital in northern Sinai, alert, and tightened security guards about the sick detainees isolation rooms waiting for the arrival screening samples and proven injury, wore doctors, nurses and visitors to hospitals Gags Protective, fell Visits for citizens to hospitals Movement for fear of infection.

            For its part of Veterinary Medicine in North Sinai Directorate announced today, devoid North Sinai Governorate of bird flu disease, said Dr. Mohammed Al-Sharif Director of Veterinary Medicine, the committees of the Directorate carried out examination and sampling of all villages and areas which have reported symptoms of seasonal influenza disease and found free of bird flu. He added that it was the work of scanning the kidneys of birds in villages that have medical conditions and sample analysis in specialized laboratories found to be free of the virus, and stressed that immediately after the receipt of the communication the existence of satisfactory cases of people infected with the flu go Emergency Task Force Directorate of residential areas located in scope and samples are taken from birds and examined, pointing out that the Veterinary Medicine Directorate in northern Sinai on high alert in anticipation of the emergence of the disease.



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              Health: 22 swine flu deaths by province

              faith mheniaalnt Directorate of health with Eastern, an increase in the number of swine flu deaths has risen to 22 since the beginning of the season from June 2015 until January. Dr. Sharif said McCain's Undersecretary for the ' seventh day ', that some cases reach hospital after deterioration of her health, as a result not detect speakers, noting that positive 85, who considered the swine flu virus ' H1N1 ' of endemic diseases since 2011.