The minister confirmed the existence of a plan in case that the swine flu epidemic

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Health Minister Hatem el-Gabali that there is a plan for the preparation of mass graves in the case of swine flu entering the country and turned into an epidemic.

In an interview with the editor of "Al Masry Al Youm" fellow Magdy executioner in response to a question about the reality of the rumors about these tombs, "it exists already in the plan" and measured up, "and this is no secret, because you are in the plan" any need for your work like that , plan, for example the subject of the procedures for the burial, and how to recognize people's bodies, and deal with, incidentally, the first fatal case of avian flu was a woman, did not find the one Bngsilaa, but do not enter the doctor and was reassured by the people, by dealing with the victim, of what has been Ngsilaa, these things you are Tamiloc calculated, but the plan working her. "

And whether the mass burial of the victims will Ngsilam, he replied by saying, "No, but these actions into the plan, must be on the people to learn to the corpses, and how to identify them, and how they are buried, and the idea of the former Under-Azhar issued a fatwa on the issue of mass burial shroud to be without also, but do not want to enter into these things. It seems that you are not expecting that we have reached a plan of where this stage of the audit, but the reason I think that what worked for us and also saved the bird flu crisis, and the effort we have by giving in 2006 and 2007. "

And the first 5 decisions will be taken in the event of entry, the minister said the epidemic "will depend largely on the position and time, and depending on the spread of the disease and the number of injuries and the savage, I can not say now that specific decisions, but the most important decision is to abolish the leaves of the medical team, and revitalization of the quarantine, and the expansion of Department of epidemiological surveillance, and secure the provision of larger quantities of Tamiflu, also provide masks or masks quantities more secure, in addition to reducing the labor force to quarter. "

And how the potential interference by the swine flu in Egypt confirmed that "99% of overseas arrivals, both by tourists or citizens, this is a logical expectation, but the timing we are dealing that it will enter Egypt at any time."

"If the situation affected one," what can I do not need more than you Boamlh this moment, "but we will tighten the epidemiological surveillance, and I will take the geographical area surrounding the person, whether the text of square kilometers or km, the questionable, in the sense that all people, in which patients or suspected of having must be examined experimentally, but emerged with infected more than 50 people in one area, it will be closing schools and universities in the area immediately, as well as close groupings Calcenma and restaurants, and if the increasing number, for example, and today 50 of the wounded, and the following day 150, and third 300 Soazlhm using security forces, in the sense that the reaction Setwaem with the size of the problem.

He acknowledged that the Government would "strike Alvin", ie, there will be chaos at the beginning of an epidemic of swine flu in Egypt, adding that "we will control the situation quickly."