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59 suspected cases of H1N1 under observation coming from infected Countries

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  • 59 suspected cases of H1N1 under observation coming from infected Countries

    Development of 59 pigs suspected case of bird under observation meeting Sunday attended by

    Wednesday, June 10, 2009 - 19:51

    Established the Directorate of Health and the Department of Preventive Medicine, 59 new cases arriving from America, France, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Oman, Qatar and the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, under medical observation and continuous monitoring of the arrival of the affected countries for a period of ten days are the contacts for them.

    وقال د.شريف حمودة وكيل وزارة الصحة بالغربية، إن إدارة الطب الوقائى قامت بفحص العائدين وإجراء الكشف الطبى على العائدين من الخارج، بعد أن استقبلت مديرية الصحة بالغربية كشفا بأسماء المصريين العائدين من الدول الأوربية وأمريكا والدول العربية والتى تنتشر بها الإصابة بالمرض، والتنبيه عليهم بالتوجه لأقرب مستشفى حميات أو صدر فى حالة ظهور أى أعراض عليهم أو على المخالطين لهم.

    D said. Sharif Hammouda Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health meeting Sunday attended by the Department of Preventive Medicine has examined the returns and a medical examination on returning from abroad, after having received a meeting Sunday attended by the Directorate of Health revealed the names of Egyptians returning from European countries, America and Arab countries that are infected by the disease, and warned them to go admitted to the nearest hospital or released in the event of any symptoms or to contact them.

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    Re: 59 suspected cases of H1N1 under observation coming from infected Countries

    heres the link to the arabic vesion. its worth noting they mention a sample from the nose took place by wipe of the discharge.(Pap smear)

    The discovery of 3 new cases of avian and swine suspected of wounding 16 .. Mountain and urges you to: Get out of Cinemas, theaters, cafes, metro and bus public transport

    Saturday, June 13, 2009 - 16:59

    Minister of Health
    Written by Amira Abdel-Salam and Ehsan Mr.

    The quarantine authorities at Cairo International Airport to isolate passengers from 15 different nationalities of suspected avian pigs were transported to a hospital diets بالعباسية to withdraw their samples to confirm infection with HIV or not.

    Recalled that the passengers were from the States who are infected with HIV: Sarah Baha'eddin (7 years) which was isolated after the emergence of symptoms of the virus, and isolation of Abdullah brothers (8 years) and Ahmed (9 years) and her mother, Magda Adly (35 years), Kuwaitis, as Mkhaltin, and after their arrival at Cairo Airport aboard Egypt Air plane from Dubai.

    Also decided to isolate the passengers took a 25-year-old on a plane flight from the Gulf, and three Egyptians from Kuwait, where they show the symptoms of the children on suspicion of "twins" Nostalgia and Sarah Osman, aged one year and three months and cut off their mother's faith and Abdoulkarim 26 years Kmkhaltp them; as well as was to isolate the child and his mother from Montreal on an Egypt Air.

    And the Egypt Air plane from Amsterdam was isolated Michael Anthony Australian citizenship and also 3 Egyptians, "and mother of two children" who were from Montreal.

    As the quarantine authorities at Cairo International Airport on Saturday, the transfer of the first isolate Matmrp Egyptian arriving from Jeddah on suspicion of being infected with influenza virus, swine fever بالعباسية to a hospital after a doctor found that the quarantine high temperature and infection in her throat. Is noteworthy that Madiha Hassan Abdo "Egyptian" (53 years) was coming on Saturday aboard a Saudi Airlines flight in 2315.

    It was decided to isolate the hospital diets بالعباسية sampling Pap Smear nose and hours to make sure that HIV-infected or not; also been examined and all the passengers coming on board the same plane were recorded and their places of residence to keep tabs on their health.

    Away from gathering places
    Appealed to the Minister of Health. Hatem mountain people need to move away from the major gathering places, especially Cinemas, theaters and cafes, as well as the need for caution in the transport of a great Balzham such as MRT and bus public transport.

    This advice comes in the introduction to the Plan of the Ministry of preventive health to counter the threat of swine flu, after the outbreak in Egypt, where it reached the number of reported cases to 18 confirmed cases so far.

    What is the most important advice Paix mountain is also the need to wash your hands constantly, as this advice is the most important procedures for the plan of the ministry, which Otalaguetha under the title "fight influenza," and in which the Minister of Health, that were printed in large quantities, and will be distributed at the gathering places and paste it in the all public places, especially schools, universities, and the means of transportation.

    The campaign is divided into the first of several steps to ensure that the continuous cleaning of surfaces and floors with disinfectant, as well as a sense of commitment at the House of influenza symptoms, and consult a doctor with the need to avoid crowded places.

    How to protect yourself and your family from influenza? Answer a question about the campaign, through three steps: Wash your hands with soap and water constantly, in addition to making sure to cover your mouth and nose during coughing or sneezing, preferably using Mandela and dispose of it immediately after use, and at the farthest end of your nose, mouth and eyes.

    The campaign, known as influenza disease is highly contagious, and each year suffer from 5 to 20% of the population in the world, and young children and pregnant women and patients with chronic health conditions, the elderly, vulnerable to a high risk of complications due to flu.

    As for what the methods of infection, it can be for people with HIV infection through a cough or sneeze or sick people by touching contaminated hands or virus to the nose or mouth through touching surfaces contaminated with the virus.

    And symptoms of influenza, it is that persons with influenza is to feel tired, fever, and get the high temperature, headache, cough, sore throat and cold nose and muscle pain, and some people, especially children suffering from stomach problems and diarrhea.

    Under the title of your health to keep the World Health Organization launched the advice of the Egyptian people
    The first is to avoid close contact with those who seem to be suffering from fatigue and fever, cough, wash your hands with frequent soap and water carefully and I am careful to good health habits, including the sleep enough, and eat nutritious, and the maintenance of physical activity.

    The sudden illness, if I ask for health advice, medical care immediately and to stay at home and avoid going to work or school or crowded places and I am careful to address the amount of rest and plenty of liquids.

    The other hand, the World Health Organization said it did not recommend at this stage to close the border between the countries, because the virus has become, in fact, widespread and can not stop the spread of the border, ports or airports.

    There is no indication of the effectiveness of some measures being taken by certain countries to prevent the entry of the disease completely, but it may cause confusion in the traffic and trade on the international level.

    Does not recommend the World Health Organization, as well as restricting travel, it may not show any symptoms of the HIV-infected and thus could not distinguish between infected and not infected.

    A sign that the transition to the sixth phase of the pandemic flu warning H1N1)) A This means that the world is in a pandemic and the term "pandemic", the new virus of the influenza viruses of human beings not Iehdh before noon and began to spread and cause disease in many regions of the world that is has become a global pandemic.

    The transition to the sixth phase, a phase when the highest standards of the Declaration on the pandemic have been achieved, the incidence of infection and transmission of the virus community in several areas within the several countries in different regions of the World Health Organization.

    Confirmed in its official statement that the organization had not delayed in the sixth round, but hesitated until it was meeting the standards required by the transition to phase VI and the declaration of a global pandemic.

    As for the fifth and sixth stages, each stage as a separate strategic plans, although there was a similarity between many of the actions of the two phases.

    The sixth phase focused entirely on the response to the epidemic and reduce its impact and to focus more on the provision of care and focus, to a lesser extent, to stop the spread of the virus. Now declared a pandemic, governments should focus its resources on the provision of care services for those affected by the disease.

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      Re: 59 suspected cases of H1N1 under observation coming from infected Countries

      link to arabic version

      Translation: Arabic ? English
      قدموا من دول موبوءة بأنفلونزا الخنازير..
      10 حالات تحت الملاحظة بينهم 7 من أسرة واحدة
      الأحد، 14 يونيو 2009 - 10:52

      مطار القاهرة الدولى الغربية ـ هند عادل

      وضعت مديرية الصحة بالغربية وإدارة الطب الوقائى 10 حالات قادمة من دول موبوءة بمرض أنفلونزا الخنازير تحت الملاحظة المستمرة والمراقبة الصحية لمدة 10 أيام.

      وكانت الإدارة العامة للحجر الصحى قد أرسلت قائمة بعشرة مواطنين قادمين من هولندا وإيطاليا وقطر والكويت والنمسا تم وضع الحالات العشرة بالتوجه لأقرب مستشفى حميات أو صدر فى حالة ظهور أى أعراض مرضية والحالات هي: أحمد عبد التواب حواس (45 سنة) وبهية رمضان (39 سنة) وأحمد مصطفى حواس (13 سنة) وأحمد هشام محمد فؤاد (42 سنة) قادم من الكويت وهشام محمود عبد الهادى (30 سنة) عائد من قطر وأسماء أحمد حواس (عام ونصف) وعبد الرحمن أحمد حواس شهرين، ومصطفى أحمد حواس (5 شهور) وعائدون من هولندا ومقيمون بقرية سندبسط، وخالد على موسى مقيم بشبرا ملس وقادم من إيطاليا، تم التنبيه عليهم هم والمخالطين لهم بالتوجه لأقرب مستشفى حميات أو صدر عند شعورهم بأى أعراض.

      بروتوكول نشر التعليقات Coming from countries infected with bird pig ..
      10 cases under observation, including 7 of the same family
      Sunday, June 14, 2009 - 10:52

      Cairo International Airport just West India

      Been meeting Sunday attended by the Directorate of Health and the Department of Preventive Medicine 10 cases coming from countries infected with swine flu under constant observation and health monitoring for a period of 10 days.

      The General Administration of quarantine had been sent a list of ten citizens from the Netherlands, Italy, Qatar, Kuwait and Austria has been the development of the ten cases to go to the nearest hospital or was admitted in the case of any symptoms and the situations are: Ahmed Abdel Tawab Hawass (45 years) and Bahia Ramadan (39 years) Hawas, Ahmed Mustafa (13 years) and Ahmad Hisham Mohamed Fouad (42 years) coming from Kuwait, Abdul Hadi, Hisham Mahmoud (30 years) returning from Qatar, and the names of Ahmed Hawas (a year and a half) and Abdel-Rahman Ahmed Hawas months, and Mustafa Ahmed Hawas (5 months) and returning Netherlands and residents of the village Sndbst, Khaled Musa Meles Shoubra resident, come from Italy, was alert to them and contact them to go to the nearest hospital was admitted or when they feel any symptoms.

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