The governor of Dakahlia closes 5 poultry farms because their owners refrain from taking samples before selling

Thursday, January 09, 2020 09:47 PM

Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, issued a decision to close five poultry farms within the Aga center (Burj Al Nour - Mit Fadala - Mitt Al-Amel - The Frick Free), for their owners to refrain from taking pre-sale samples from the farms in implementation of Law 70 of 2009, after the alert More than once from the veterinary committees, the seriousness of not applying the law, which aims to control bird flu, which is one of the most dangerous common diseases.

It is mentioned that Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, announced the closure of 6 food establishments in violation of the city of Talkha due to the imminent danger and the lack of a license and the execution of 152 kilograms of various foods, and directed quickly to take the necessary legal measures to stop the operation .

The governor of Dakahlia confirmed the continuation of control campaigns on food outlets, shops and factories selling and trading and providing food and commodities, following up the quality of the exhibits, ensuring the availability of trading conditions and selling them, and taking all necessary legal measures immediately towards violators.

The decision of the governor of Dakahlia came after seeing the report presented by Dr. Saad Mekki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, which indicated the passage of a number of establishments that provide food stuffs, including two restaurants on the Civil Registry Street, three restaurants on Atef El Sharkawy Street, and a restaurant on the Insurance Street .

Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, announced that a check-up of 1692 citizens in a free medical convoy in the village of Kafr El-Atrash, Sherbin Center, would be conducted within two days .

The governor of Dakahlia added that 4 treatment decisions were issued at the expense of the state, referring 15 patients to perform various surgeries in hospitals affiliated to the Health Directorate, conducting regular rays and sound waves for 158 cases, 295 different analyzes in blood and parasites laboratories, and detecting 135 diabetes and pressure diseases.

Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, stressed the continuation of free medical convoys to serve citizens in all centers and villages of the governorate, especially in remote areas, and to provide them with free medical and treatment services in their places of residence .