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To the People Mountain make a statement on avian and swine influenza Monday

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  • To the People Mountain make a statement on avian and swine influenza Monday

    Saturday, January 30th, 2010 - 19:24

    Dr. Hatem receive the Minister of Health issued a statement before the meeting of the health and environmental affairs, the People's Assembly on Monday, dealing with the actions taken by the government in the face of patients with avian and swine influenza.

    The statement by the mountain in response to a number of requests for the briefing by the House of Representatives in this regard.

    On the other hand, discussed by the Foreign Relations Committee, the People's Assembly at its meeting on next Tuesday's issue of not knowing the cause of death of an Egyptian family consisting of husband, wife and three children in Kuwait so far, as well as the subject of de-mining of the Second World War in the western desert and load states planted by the costs of removal.


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    Re: To the People Mountain make a statement on avian and swine influenza Monday

    Mountain: "WHO" reason for the dread of influenza
    Monday, February 1, 2010 - 19:03

    Dr. al. Hatem mountain Minister of Health and a plot about the seriousness of the spread of avian flu, swine, and in the interest of international companies producing Tamiflu.

    He stressed that the deaths of 256 Egyptians from the disease the best proof of its presence in Egypt and the world, carrying and Minister of Health, World Health Organization responsible for terrorizing citizens having stepped up preparations for the sixth degree based on the geographical distribution and not to the severity of the patients.

    Description of mountain speech, WHO's chief on the analysis of the likelihood of pandemic disease, "surprising," noting that the Organization criteria were applied bird flu the swine flu which has an estimated mortality rate in Egypt by 3.3 per million people.

    Dr.. Hatem mountain, that Egypt is one of the least deaths in the world, disease, swine flu, while it amounted to the ratio within the United States about 7.5 per million people.

    "The confidence in the situation would lead to reconsidering the restrictions imposed on the pilgrimage, and we will study in school," Naveas increase the duration of half-year leave of 15 days.

    He explained that the cost of the vaccine Tamiflu, which the ministry imported 60 million pounds to buy 1.1 million doses, and that consumption was 500 thousand doses of the remaining 1.4 million doses, pointing to the validity of Tamiflu for two years from the beginning of the expiration of the current is not a problem, and that has been divided into quantitative pilgrims vaccinated in the coming period and store the rest for the next winter.

    The Minister of Health start of the Nile Company for Pharmaceuticals in the production of a vaccine Tamiflu, which he put the public at $ 70 pounds per dose after it was purchased from the World Health Organization at 96 pounds.

    The Ministry applied the method of containment of the disease by installing thermal scanners at airports, and has reduced the effects of the patients in October last year by paying attention to hygiene, and denied the mountain and a political decision behind the vaccination of school students, said that the high prevalence of the disease among primary school students behind resolution vaccinated.

    He said he could not vaccinate students against the will of parents, did not ask vaccinated at their own risk, and pointed to the unwillingness of citizens to be vaccinated to fully myself and requested approval from the ministry or not to approve the vaccination.

    He attributed the validity of the mountain Altamvelo for a sufficient period to the publication of the European countries confirms that this drug is used for a fixed period of 7 years if the mobilizer and 14 years if the plant is fully filled.