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Egypt - Dakahlia hospital closed after serious violations found - October 9, 2016

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  • Egypt - Dakahlia hospital closed after serious violations found - October 9, 2016

    ictures .. Close Dakahlia hospital after the discovery of "Aqraamit" Basin sterilization .. director of the hospital around him to a private clinic .. and Health Report: No sterilization and has expired medications and the blood of a corrupt and dangerous waste

    Sunday, October 9, 2016 6:24

    Dakahlia Mohammed realm

    A commission from the Directorate of Health Affairs, Dakahlia Governorate, was a problem administrations of Preventive Medicine, and the free treatment, during a crackdown on one of the private hospitals, which Shami Hospital, Belqas center of several serious violations, where the seized Campaign fish "Aqraamit", located in one operating room basins inside the hospital, and she found expired and a Health insurance drugs, Mahzer traded in private clinics .
    Said Dr. Hisham Massoud, Undersecretary of Health Dakahlia Directorate, said that the campaign was able to adjust the fish "Aqraamit" inside the washing surgical instruments operating rooms in hospital basin, intended for cleaning, after caught in the emission ofsmelly place Taatbaoha until they reached it .

    Were also seized, the number of machines surgical rusting, and medicines expired and some remnants of drugs, blogger them as belonging Health insurance or free samples, in violation of theprovisions of law No. 48 of 1941 as amended by Act 106 of 1980, and law No. 281 of 1994 .

    was reported to the police station, and the reservation to Almazbutat, the preview of the offense and recognized in the official minutes, to prevent the director of the hospital to sign the minutes of thecommittee, pending a decision to execute her later, was presented theminutes of the Committee's recommendations on the accountant Hossam El Din Imam, Dakahlia governor, for the issuance of a decision with closure, and to take swift action over the incident .

    It was the reservation to seizures pending a decision by the public prosecutor on them, and the emancipation from that record No. 26471 misdemeanors Belqas center for the year 2016 .

    issued accountant Hossam El Din Imam, Dakahlia governor decision, closing Specialty hospital in surgical interventions, because adjust thenumber of irregularities at the hospital during the sudden Committee passage .

    He explained Dr. Saad Al- Makki , Undersecretary of the Ministry ofHealth Dakahlia, the governor endorsed the decision to close theprivate hospital, after being found several irregularities inside of which there is a medicine Health insurance hospital, and the presence ofanalyzes plant without permits .

    " seventh day" unique to publish the documents according to which adjusts the amount of catfish, sanitary ware echo, and some irregularities, where he confirmed the report , which was confirmed by a preview of the Committee, that the hospital is not licensed, and walls topped with moisture, with the spread of foul odors emanating from everywhere at the hospital, and the level of cleanliness is very bad, and most of the medicines by free or a Health insurance samples, medicines expired , were closed dental clinic , which they could not inspect it .

    The report also revealed that the reception is not qualified, furniture rickety, and no doctors receive, not nursing, not receive critical operations device "electric shocks", with a lack of hygiene, and thepresence of working one whole hospital .

    the Commission has examined the sterilization tools, and discovered that there is no place dedicated to sterilization, and there is a Autoclaves old, lying in Skylight, and there are overstocks foods everywhere and next to the machinery and appliances, and are machine wash basin surgical wash the hands, and there sterilize the oven medical articles echoed .

    the Commission revealed that the director of the hospital uses a place of its own clinic, and the operating room by Ruakd and Hoalk, such Cupboard Old, and the syringes used, and medicines old lying on theground, and the lack of sterilization system, kiosk women by an open window on the Skylight and there are no Montour, reception and family is clean, and refills Albitadin surgical not clean, no device shocks electric, there is a recovery room, and most of the devices rusting, hardware corroded and crumbling, it is clear that consumer and used medical instruments in use is allocated to them .

    The hospital laboratory, the Committee has revealed that he is not licensed, and refrigerator own laboratory is clean, and the rotting drugs, and packages of old samples, the existence of many of thechemicals used in the refrigerator used in the analyzes expired, and there are some near the old blood transfusion in the fridge, and thepresence of chemicals to test C virus, old and finished validity, having a pipe out the remnants of the blood, and hazardous waste within thetray lab, was bias Contents, medicines and cans, and the work of theminutes out to be presented to the competent authorities .

    as regards occupational safety committee revealed no fire extinguishers required as it contains the hospital on 4 Tviac fire only, There is no permit from the civil protection for the establishment of thehospital .

    The Commission revealed the existence of wooden furniture difficult disinfection and sterilization, cleaning, and there is no cover for mattresses spongy, making it difficult case to purify, and remains open and a gallery of contamination and transmission, there are several packages of drugs, old and finished, analyzes dumped authority in each place at the hospital .

    but with regard to the safe disposal of waste, the Commission hasrevealed the lack of a contract with the incinerator medical waste hazardous, and there is no environmental record of the facility, and thechamber of waste walls without ceramics, there is no sanitation, no water source, there is no balance of waste, not no barrier on the door of the waste room, to prevent leaking fluids, there is no hospital safety boxes, and no hazardous waste black bags at the hospital .

    As for the pharmacist inspection, there is no record of a pharmacy, and there is no private hospital pharmacy, there is no emergency drugs, and there is no closet for drugs Reception .

    The governor said immediately taken the decision to close thehospital: " The Committee found many of the downsides in operating rooms, and the sterilization hurt patients and some other negatives own waste, and there is inaction and neglect and will take themaximum penalties and Mafeesh any complacency because thepatient 's health the most important thing "