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EGYPT - Dec 4 2007 - Jan 1, 2008

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    Four (4) new sus cases in Sharkia:

    Samia el-Sayed Awad (55F)
    Menah Mohamed Fathi (3F) - granddaughter of Samia

    Iman Sobhi (25F)
    Mohamed Maher Reda - Iman's son

    Bird Flue Kills another Victim; Maximum State of Emergency Declared

    By Tarek Amin, Jehan Khalifa, Nasser el-Kashif and Mesbah el-Hagar 2/1/2008

    The 19th bird flu victim since the virus hit Egypt was declared dead at the Abassiya Chest Hospital in Cairo on Monday as a funeral procession was being held in the village of Hait in Menoufia for Fardos Mohamed Haddad who had also died from bird flu.

    Fifty-two year old Hanim Atwa Ibrahim from Ezbet el-Lahm in Damietta died of complications from multiple pneumonia and respiratory failure, Director General of Preventive Medicine in Damietta Salah Abou Atta told al-Masry al-Youm.

    In Sharkia in the eastern Nile Delta, health officials quarantined four citizens for suspected symptoms of bird flu in Sharkia Contagious Disease Hospital.

    They were identified as 3-year-old Menah Mohamed Fathi, her grandmother, 55-year-old Samia el-Sayed Awad, and 25-year-old Iman Sobhi and her son, Mohamed Maher Reda.

    This came as the health and population ministry declared a maximum state of emergency following the death of three new victims in less than 30 hours.

    Sources at the ministry told al-Masry al-Youm 27 epidemic surveillance teams were activated and that immediate intervention teams were stationed across the country.

    Health officials were also closely following up on quarantined cases and anti-contagious efforts, ensuring that sufficient stockpiles of the anti-viral Tam flu are available, and setting up two laboratories in Alexandria and Menya to service both Upper and Lower Egypt by conducting tests specific to the bird flu virus.

    The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), meanwhile, praised what it described as improvement in the efforts to combat the H5N1 virus, which causes the disease around the world, but cautioned that the situation remains critical in Egypt and Indonesia, where the risk of the mutation of virus to a strain that could be transmitted among humans remains high.

    A report issued by the ministry of agriculture revealed that outbreaks of the virus are more prevalent among birds in poultry farms rather than birds bread domestically. The report, complied by the Public Authority for Veterinary Services, said 25 new outbreaks were detected in Sharkia, Gharbia, Qalyubia, Menoufia, Dakahlia, Cairo, Qena, Beni Suef and Giza.

    The report concluded that 90% of the poultry farms fell behind considerably in a number of biological safety benchmarks, which threatens to make it easier for the disease to spread.
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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      Originally posted by Laidback Al View Post
      Thanks to all of the newshound and trackers for following the situation in Egypt so closely these past 7-10 days. While Niman is right to raise concerns about the number of recently confirmed human cases in Egypt over this short time period, the number of suspected cases is not yet truly unusual.

      Between February and April of 2007, hundreds of individuals per month were suspected cases, but these suspected cases were not individually reported in the news. It was only later reports that tabulated the true number of suspected cases as reported by Theresa42, here in November of 2007. A comparison of suspected to confirmed cases during this period shows that the number of suspected cases rose as the number of actual confirmed cases increased. link to graph:

      Thanks for pointing out the positive correlation.


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        how many have died so far and has the amount of confirmed cases increased............?


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          Same 4 from Sharkia.

          Google-translated from Arabic:

          Bird flu continues
          Detain 4 people on suspicion of casualty and execution of 106 thousand bird

          Written by - Samir adding: Mansoura - Azza Fahmy and Eastern [Sharkia] - Solomon fixed and Qena - Centir Dr. Ashraf Ahmed Sawan governor Dakahlia emergency departments in all hospitals and veterinary governorate after the death of Fatma Mohammed Mahdi Avian, and the appointment of new veterinary doctors to contribute to the eradication of the disease and curb. In the same context, Dr. Mr. Aboualjer, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health & has been detained 4 new cases Hospital pathogenesis Zagazig on suspicion of being infected with the disease.

          He said: samples were taken from each of Maher Mohamed Rajab, a year and a half, and Iman Subhi Mohammed -25 years- and from Mohamed Fathi -3 years- and Samiha Mr. Darabi -55 years- and sent to the ministry's central laboratories for analysis.

          His analysis proved free child Nabil Ahmed Mohamed-8-year-Babkber of avian influenza have left the hospital yesterday.

          On a related, were seized thousand chickens in Qena, Luxor passenger cars transport permits transfer of chickens were forged impounded and taken samples and sent to the central ministry factor was the reservation to withdraw both cars and drivers licenses leadership.

          On the other hand, Dr. Sawan, Dakahlia governor that were seized 11 trucks from the provinces Qalubia, Damietta, Menoufiya, the lack of permits transfer of birds have been executed by the weight of birds in addition to 12 thousand bird farm Nusa sea.

          In this context, Dr. Attiya Mustafa Abdel Aziz, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine was executed 92 A bird in the farms and wheat blow Abouhmad and Bulbis screening 170 farms large and withdraw 5 thousand samples have been sent to labs central ministry.

          While Dr. Hamid Abdaltwab Samaha, the former chief veterinary services that were executed 1599 flying home "chickens Obt and Oz" Cairo and the provinces and Qaliubia Menoufiya, western and buried in landfills healthy stressing the existence national vaccination campaign involving 3 thousand doctors, a veterinarian and associate driver to provide 85 million doses a vaccine for birds at the republic level.

          ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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            New Egypt thread:
            ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes