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Assiut health: the case of a new suspicion of bird flu and drug Alsuvalda exchange for 225 patients
Thursday, 18/12/2014 10:37 pm

Assiut - not for Atta
Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Hamid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health announced in Assiut emergence suspected case were newly infected with bird flu, a housewife from the corner village in the center of Assiut, which saw the death of the first case of the disease in the governorate,
said the deputy minister that he sent samples of the special situation analysis to the central laboratory has been ministry to the extent of passivity of be positive for the disease

Abdul Hamid noted that the awareness of the people of the corner of the village has become very high, especially after the death of the first case of the disease, which was from the village corner, making it feel any symptoms of heat or inflammation go to the hospital, noting that he received from the village since the death of the first case of so far four suspected cases and Jm?m was a negative result their analysis.
On the other hand Undersecretary said that the number of patients with the virus hepatitis who received the drug Alsuvalda treatment reached so far 225 cases pointing to the availability of large amounts of the drug neonatal center of the liver.


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