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Egypt - Child, 3, confirmed bird flu H5N1 case - Minya governorate

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  • Egypt - Child, 3, confirmed bird flu H5N1 case - Minya governorate

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    Death infected with bird flu case in Minya
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    Minya - Ashraf Kamal: Thursday, December 18, 2014 14:05
    Died employee pension Megaga center north of Minya, on Thursday, after being infected with bird flu, and her Talfah same disease Samalot Center.

    Receive Major General Osama Metwally Minya director of security, notification of warden Megaga police station, by receiving a signal from the General Hospital, the arrival of Raafat Radi on the 55-year pension, and a resident Palmasrh Basmalout, infected suspicions of bird flu virus, and it was decided detained in hospital, was a blood sample from the mentioned drag and Isarlha for analysis by a factor of central Ministry of Health in Cairo.
    In later received signal that the death mentioned, are being taken legal, medical and preventive actions in knowing specialists, and follow-up and the results of the sample analysis Rudd.

    As I was a child at the age of 3 years, a resident Samalot HIV status of avian influenza, was admitted to a hospital dietary, following symptoms of high appearance temperature, running nose and cough, samples were taken from the blood, and sent to the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health, which has shown positive results of her disease.