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Egypt - "Mysterious" disease outbreak diagnosed as seasonal flu in Red Sea governorate - September 14, 2017

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  • Egypt - "Mysterious" disease outbreak diagnosed as seasonal flu in Red Sea governorate - September 14, 2017

    Mysterious virus» affects the citizens of the short .. And young people of the city volunteer to transfer patients to the hospital

    Thursday, 14-09-2017 18:26

    Major General Ahmad Abdullah, the governor of the Red Sea, decided yesterday to prepare a medical convoy from the health department in Al-Qaysair and Al-Qaseer Central Hospital for 10 days to examine the citizens free of charge through mobile clinics and follow-up complaints about the presence of a mysterious virus or microbe.

    bdullah, Ahmed al-Derghami, the secretary of al-Qusayr, was assigned to the Qusair Central Hospital and to investigate the facts.

    Dr. Ahmed Saber, director of the hospital, said that the health department, Al Qaseer Central Hospital and Preventive Medicine Department have taken the necessary measures and random samples have been withdrawn from more than 200 citizens. The result was negative and there is no infection or epidemic.

    He added that all cases were diagnosed after the medical examination and work as seasonal influenza, and Tamiflu is an effective treatment and available in the form of capsules and drink, and discharged from the hospital free of charge for those who call him.

    A number of the people of al-Qusayr confirmed that the symptoms and medical tests they performed at their expense with a medical analysis laboratory indicate the presence of symptoms of typhoid fever, and that a large number of people with symptoms went to treatment in Qena governorate.

    In the same context, dozens of volunteers from the youth of the city of Al-Qusair continued to transfer cases that suffer from high temperatures and fatigue to the hospital.
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