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Egypt - Apparently 3000 students ill in suspected food poisoning incident, tests pending, school attendance down 15% in Sohag governorate - March 15, 2017

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  • Egypt - Apparently 3000 students ill in suspected food poisoning incident, tests pending, school attendance down 15% in Sohag governorate - March 15, 2017

    Deputy in an urgent statement because students Sohag poisoning: Corruption reached diets

    Tuesday, March 14, 2017 23:01

    MP Khalid Saleh Abu Zahad, a member of the House of Representatives confirmed for Johaina circle in Sohag, provided a statement urgently addressed to the Minister of Education about the injury of more than two thousand students from eight schools from Akhmim center Sohag cases of poisoning, stressing that corruption reached unprecedented heights no mercy even school children.

    Abu Zahad said in a statement, said that the injury of these students will not pass the passage of poisoning esteemed km happening in a corruption case, stressing that corruption reached for school students through government school meals served to them.

    He stressed MP for the supervisor circle, the need for negligent accounting and corrupt perpetrators of the children with poisonings injury, referring to the words of those responsible for the crisis is real.


    Governor of Sohag: suspected poisoned thousands of pupils aged 3 .. and pulling water samples

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017 13:50

    Ayman Abdel Moneim, the governor of Sohag, the number of undecided cases of suspected poisoning injury of maintaining schools who entered the hospital and received treatment yet reached 3 thousand AC until morning and that there are no cases are now reserved for the hospitals he said.
    He said the governor of Sohag in a statement the "seventh day" that samples were taken from the existing drinking water to places of infection to be analyzed, to indicate whether or not an impact on the incidence and send those samples to the joint lab.
    On the other hand, the Governor said that the educational process is going normally and that the proportion of the audience at the county level among schoolchildren was 85%, while school attendance, which occurred the incidence of about 70%, according to reported by the Directorate of Education accounted for.
    The Governor emphasized that the committees follow-up is still going on in their work to follow any developments that might occur in schools and that the state of emergency is still continuing to work out all the hospitals health centers at the county level.

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    Health: the results of toxicology tests to students Sohag negative

    Monday, March 20, 2017 23:35

    It publishes the "seventh day" reports issued by the central administration of the Ministry of Health laboratories, about the test result "sample poisons" for a number of pupils Sohag, where examination showed that all samples are negative for the compounds of chlorine, phosphorus and organic carbamates and salts of lead, mercury and arsenic, as stated test CM Mouse is organic negative.

    It was Dr. Ayman Abdel Moneim, the governor of Sohag, it decided to refer the incident on suspicion injury schools pupils maintain the public prosecutor to investigate the incident, and seize samples for school meals and match them with samples taken from the pupils.