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Egypt - Decrease in price of chickens is reportedly due to farmers increasing supply in heat wave - July 21, 2023

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  • Egypt - Decrease in price of chickens is reportedly due to farmers increasing supply in heat wave - July 21, 2023

    The price of chicks today, Friday, July 21, 2023

    Abdulaziz Al-Sayed, Head of the Poultry Division, said in exclusive statements to Al- Masry Al -Youm that the heat wave affected the price of chicks today , as breeders accelerated the process of distributing courses to slaughterhouses to avoid losses in white meat and eggs, which benefited the breeder and encouraged an increase in the entry of new courses after distributing old courses, which stimulated the market and increased supply.

    The price of chicken per kilo of chicken today

    The price of chicks came today, Friday, according to the latest announced updates from the Poultry Exchange, as follows:

    The price of white chicks today, Friday

    The price of white chickens decreased today, Friday, inside the farm (Poultry Exchange), to record 59 pounds.

    The price of white chicken also decreased today, Friday, in commercial markets and shops, to record a value of 64 pounds.

    The reasons for the low price of chicks today

    Dr. Tharwat Al-Zeini, head of the General Federation of Poultry Producers, stated that the price of chickens has declined in the market, due to the availability of corn, soy products and fodder raw materials, in addition to the recent acceleration of production processes.

    Low price of white chicks

    He revealed, during a telephone interview with him on the “Al-Hayat Al-Youm” program broadcast on the “Al-Hayat” screen, that the price of chicks on the farm has decreased over the past two weeks by more than 15%. To reduce it from 68 to 54 pounds, as the consumer price increases by between 7 and 10 pounds.

    The price of eggs today is Friday

    He explained that the purchasing power of chicks is medium. And this is in light of the consumer’s dependence on festive meat and the income of some citizens was affected, pointing to the increase in the carton of eggs to 108 pounds at the farm, after 4 months of continuous decline.

    The price of a carton of eggs

    He added that the decline in the price of eggs requires some time based on the duration of the egg cycle, which ranges from 4 to 5 months, compared to the poultry cycle, which requires 40 days.