Dr. Alaa Eid, head of the Preventive Medicine Sector at the Ministry of Health, said that Egypt has achieved a number of achievements in the preventive sector over the past years, as it has been free of poliomyelitis despite epidemiological outbreaks of the disease in a number of nearby countries. Alwaleedi "a case for every 1000 live births."

He added in a statement to the "Constitution" that has been maintained not to register any confirmed cases of diphtheria despite the presence of more than a country with epidemiological outbreaks of the disease, and the rates of infection have been reduced from measles and rubella, where no confirmed cases since April 2017 of the disease Despite the spread in some neighboring countries,

and there was no recorded confirmed case of cough and no cases of bird flu cases were recorded this year.

He pointed out that the rates of death due to acute respiratory infection were reduced to less than 0.5% in endemic diseases, and the prevalence of schistosomiasis was reduced to 0.12%. Egypt was declared free of flu by 2017 (Free of flu? Must be some kind of translation problem because really not believable. s.s.)

and no confirmed cases of malaria Egypt will be officially declared malaria-free by the end of this year.