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EGYPT - Libya 'deports' 32,000 Egyptians on bf pretext

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  • EGYPT - Libya 'deports' 32,000 Egyptians on bf pretext

    Google-translated from Arabic:

    Newspaper: Libya to deport 32 thousand (32,000) Egyptian pretext of avian flu
    March 2, 2007

    CAIRO - The exodus of Egyptian workers from Libya, where he was greeted outlet conduct land six thousand and 500 workers (6500) Friday for a total of returnees during the past four days to 32 thousand (32,000) Egyptian.

    Wafd newspaper said in its edition of Friday, quoting some returnees "that the reason for departing from Libya due to fears of the new decisions issued by the Libyan authorities."

    Sources confirmed that the Libyans fear of transmission of avian influenza virus and hepatitis C and behind the insistence of the authorities there extraction Egyptian workers, health cards for fees of 70 dinars.

    Major General Mosaad Hassan director Sallum land crossing in 1500 that the conditions of the Bedouins cards and engaged in trade between the two countries that will not affect the Bedouin to move between Egypt and Libya and returning in less than 24 hours do not need to establish legal. And on the reasons for imposing such requirements on Egyptians and Syrians without Altoansh.

    Maj. Gen. Saad to Libya to establish a special Tunisians. They have special treatment in the west of the Libyan Bojader outlet.

    He said Mohamed Club Abdaljalil one returning from Libya that thousands of Egyptian expatriates working in the Libyan left.

    He added that he went to the capital Tripoli, 40 days prior to working in the field of building and construction after that narrowed the livelihoods in Egypt. He heard there was talk that all Egyptians working in Libya to manufacture a health certificate and be with him as a holding action essential to the continued existence in Libya and added: "How ESDD 45 Libyan dinars each month in addition to 40 dinars other deposit?.

    The Geneidi Abdaljalil that thousands of Egyptians in Libya are very harsh, complaining of ill-treatment and lack of salaries.

    He added: I spent 40 days in Tripoli during which he worked in construction companies, but did not pay me making one. So for begging and collected 60 Libyan dinars to return to Egypt.

    The Hani Abu Futuh of Algiafarh Sharqia that traveled in the February 2, 2007.

    Mikrobasa and boarded the village of Abu Herbet largely to Badakkhleh Mansoura and Alexandria and Sallum Vmersi cards that arrived to Libya. And after he got work in the field of building and construction surprised by the Libyan authorities give notice of the violation until the end of February to adapt themselves and subject to penalties.

    The decision to impose a fine on violators of 70 Libyan dinars or the equivalent of 300 pounds, the fine rises whenever increased period of time.

    In return, I thought I saw thousands of Egyptians to pack their bags and left their dues to the Libyans, and decided to return to Egypt.

    He added: during my heard from the Egyptians that there are manhunts by the Libyan authorities for the Egyptians who estimated there are millions surprised that decision applied to the Egyptians and Syrians only.

    The car owners took advantage of the crisis and raised the wages of 30 dinars to 50 dinars Libya and the trip ended with losing 2000 pounds.

    Have seen the movement between Egypt travel to Libya dropped sharply in recent days.

    Ahmed al-Bayoumi, an official attachment travel that the average number of Egyptian passengers was up to 70 persons per day It is now only 30 passengers.

    He said Ayad Alhoush driver Lippi that there is no new procedures for the entry of Egyptians to Libya. Oppressed Egyptians enter without visas.
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