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Arkansas could experience disastrous earthquake in next 50 years

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  • Arkansas could experience disastrous earthquake in next 50 years
    Arkansas could experience disastrous earthquake in next 50 years
    Arkansans may have to prepare for a "once in a hundred-year" event sooner than they think as experts are concerned about a possible disastrous earthquake.

    Author: Faith Woodard
    Published: 10:39 PM CST November 9, 2022
    Updated: 10:59 PM CST November 9, 2022

    ARKANSAS, USA — Recently there's been talk of different "once in a hundred year" events happening around the world— from hurricanes to flooding, and various other natural disasters.

    While there have been many claims as to why this could be happening, Hilda Booth with the State Department of Emergency Management said that Arkansans may have to be prepared for this type of event sooner than we think.

    Booth explained that she estimates our “once in a hundred-year event” is not an “if" but rather a "when.”

    “Most scientists agree that we're overdue for at least a 6.0 earthquake,” she added.

    Booth went on to say that the next "big one" could strike Northeast Arkansas within the next few decades.

    “People don't realize that we're sitting on the New Madrid Seismic Zone, where there's a 7 to 10 percent chance that over the next 50 years we'll have a 7.0 or greater magnitude earthquake,” she said...

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