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Canary Islands: Lava from erupting volcano destroys homes

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  • Canary Islands: Lava from erupting volcano destroys homes

    A volcano eruption on La Palma in the Spanish Canary Islands has destroyed houses and forced about 5,000 residents to evacuate.

    Lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano has been pouring downhill since Sunday's eruption, devastating everything in its path.

    Local officials said about 100 houses have been destroyed so far.


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    Okieman Comment: When I heard about this eruption last night it triggered a memory. I remembered that some time in the past I had read that the volcano on La Palma had the potential to cause a mega tsunami. So I had to do some reading on it before I went to sleep. I had a bit of restless sleep after reading. Here is why. The worst case scenario from the early model is not likely to occur, but still...


    Cumbre Vieja tsunami hazard

    The island of La Palma in the Canary Islands is at risk of undergoing a large landslide, which could cause a tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean. Volcanic islands and volcanoes on land frequently undergo large landslides/collapses, which have been documented in Hawaii for example. A recent example is Anak Krakatau, which collapsed to cause the 2018 Sunda Strait tsunami.



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      Tsunami Hazard Assessment Based on Wave Generation, Propagation, and Inundation Modeling
      for the U.S. East Coast

      (excerpt begins on 'page' four (4) of the study)

      4.1 Introduction

      This study investigates the possible effect on the U.S. Atlantic coast of a tsunami generated by the hypothetical collapse of the Cumbre Vieja volcano located on the Isla La Palma in the Canary Islands. Well-publicized studies of this scenario conducted by Ward and Day (2001) and Løvholt et al. (2008) suggest that the impact may be severe. Subsequent to the initial publication, more credible worst-case scenarios have been modeled to study wave evolution in the impact zone, open ocean, and continental shelf. However, these more recent studies lack an inundation model, and use a crude Green’s law scaling assumption to estimate wave heights at the beach. In this study, an Eulerian-Lagrangian hydrocode is used to simulate the landslide impact, a numerically dispersive linear shallow-water model (MOST) for open-ocean propagation, and a nonlinear inundation model to quantify impact at the coast. These more robust approaches provide a better estimate of the potential hazard on the U.S. coastline posed by the Cumbra Vieja volcano.

      This research aims to characterize landslide tsunami sources that can have significant impact to the Gulf Mexico and the Atlantic Coasts of the USA. The development and testing of the new landslide hydrocode within the NOAA modeling approach will allow us to apply this well- benchmarked numerical technique to both evaluate the Canary Islands’ possible impact on the coastal United States, and to use field data to investigate landslide locations at the continental slope. This report gives an overview of progress to date.


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        DIARIO AS, S.L. - Valentín Beato, 44 - 28037 Madrid [España]

        La Palma volcano eruption today: evacuation, possible tsunami and live updates

        ... Live coverage of La Palma volcano
        Here you can see live footage of the clouds of smoke rising above the island. We have our Spanish team monitoring the situation and will be updating regularly here.

        ... 4.1 magnitude earthquake opens 10th vent, new evacuations
        Monday evening the magma from the eruption on La Palma forced its way through the ground in a 10th location. The new vent has forced the evacuation of around 1000 residents of the Tacande neighborhood, part of the El Paso municipality, residents of which were already evacuated.

        ... Drone footage of lava's advance
        The volcanic eruption on La Palma island continued Monday spewing lava at the same rate as when the eruption began on Sunday.

        Danger from the lava reaching the ocean causing more explosions and possibly creating clouds of toxic gases has been pushed back to midday Tuesday with the flow advancing slower than originally calculated.


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          bump this


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            For anyone interested in a deeper look at why Cumbre Vieja is a megatsunami risk.


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              Sulfur dioxide cloud from La Palma eruption heading for Europe

              A cloud of sulfur dioxide could reach the south east coast of Spain in two days entering over Murcia and spreading along the Levant coast. The entire peninsula is expected to be covered by the cloud by Friday. The small number of SO2 particles will not present a health risk to the population.

              La llegada a la Península de la nube de azufre del volcán de La Palma es inminente

              4:40 PM · Sep 21, 2021·Besocy_Oficial

              Spanish firefighters try to channel lava flow on La Palma

              Spanish firefighters from Gran Canaria Island aiding in the emergency operations on La Palma are using heavy machinery to excavate a channel in an attempt to redirect the flow and salvage structures in the path of the advancing lava.

              They realize that it is an impossible task to redirect the flow that measures up to 20 feet high "but you have to give a go."

              4:22 PM · Sep 21, 2021



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                How has the volcano impacted the ph in the waters surrounding the island?

                Geologists have been hard at work determining the possible consequences of the volcanic eruption on the ecosystems on the island. Geologists have found that the water surrounding the island, especially the area close to the volcano has seen a nosedive in ph from around seven to four; meaning the water is increasingly acidic.

                It is only expected to decrease further when the lava meets the ocean, releasing without a cloud of possibly toxic gases.



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                  La Palma volcano: Residents told to stay indoors amid toxic gas fears as 1,000C lava reaches Atlantic Ocean

                  Wednesday 29 September 2021 11:15, UK

                  By Ian Sale

                  People on the Spanish island of La Palma have been urged to stay indoors due to toxic gas fears after lava from an erupting volcano reached the Atlantic Ocean.

                  Scientists have warned of breathing difficulties and irritation to eyes and skin due to the chemical reaction caused by the lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano reaching the sea.

                  The red-hot current has a temperature of more than 1,000C (1,832F) as it meets the ocean, which is around 20C (68F).

                  Along with warnings of toxic hydrochloric acid vapour being released into the atmosphere, officials in the Playa Nueva area also said there could be explosions.

                  The authorities said everyone within a two-mile (3.5km) radius of where the lava met the sea must stay indoors - and must try to close up gaps in their homes in an effort to keep out the toxic gases.


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                    The underwater ‘hotspot’ feeding La Palma’s volcano will create new islands

                    The magma flow that shaped Spain’s Canaries archipelago 20 million years ago continues to add landmass, while Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are destined to sink under the effects of erosion

                    ... The map above shows where new Canary Islands may currently be in the process of being born.

                    Los Llanos / Madrid - OCT 06, 2021 - 10:13 EDT

                    “The volcanic eruption of La Palma is undoubtedly the most destructive one in Spain’s history,” says Juan Carlos Carracedo, a 79-year-old geologist from the northern region of La Rioja who has spent most of his life studying volcanic activity in the Canary Islands, which are located off the northwestern coast of Africa.

                    ... “If part of the island collapses and falls into the sea, it becomes a natural extension of the land that is above the surface, so it would be within Spanish borders,” says Somoza. This is also the case with the debris that has formed a carpet over the seabed near El Hierro and could increase the exclusive economic zone by a radius of 60 miles.



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                      La Palma,Canary islands lava river through populated area.



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                        Airlines forced to cancel more flights as lava continues to flow from La Palma's volcano

                        Updated: 27/11/2021 - 15:54
                        By Rebekah Daunt

                        Lava continued to surge from a new fissure within la Palma's Cumbre Vieja volcano on Saturday, destroying everything in its wake.

                        Ash plumes rose to around three and a half thousand metres in altitude on Friday, as clouds of dust drifted towards the airport, which has been closed for a week.

                        ... In addition, when lava meets the sea it sets off a chemical reaction, creating a thick fog of toxic gases.

                        A two-day lockdown on three coastal resorts was lifted on November 24.

                        A lockdown was originally announced in the seaside towns of Tazacorte, San Borondon and parts of El Cardon last Monday, while residents were ordered to stay indoors to protect themselves from the poisonous fog.