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toxicals into us and infection - "Dr Whiting on CNN Planets in Peril"

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  • toxicals into us and infection - "Dr Whiting on CNN Planets in Peril"

    Dr Whiting on CNN Planets in Peril


    "Anderson Cooper and CNN have done a great job with their series entitled Planet In Peril. They are making us aware of how severely our planet is being damaged and the level of toxins found in the environment of all our lives. Anderson Cooper was surprised and disturbed to find that when he took the Body Burden Test, that it showed he too had high levels of certain toxic substances. Planet in Peril aims to make us all aware of the importance of protecting the environment but we must not forget to[more] protect the internal environment of the human body as well. Virtually all of the leading chronic degenerative diseases rampant in our society may be linked to excess toxins, mostly from the environment. CNN's medical consultant Dr. Sanjay Gupta, together with Anderson Cooper, is working to educate all of us as to the problems with the environment. While Sanjay Gupta approaches the toxic crisis from a medical point of view, here at The Institute, we see the ravaging effects of the Planet In Peril in the form of increased incidence of many chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, Heart Disease, Type II diabetes, chronic fatigue and many others. Excess toxins internally produce high levels of chemicals called free radicals, which in turn, cause a condition called silent inflammation. It is this silent inflammation that is behind the development and complications of these many chronic diseases. While Sanjay Gupta brings out the dangers of these elevated toxins, he offers little answers as to what we can do about it. This is sad since biomedical science has much to offer in the way of natural detoxification programs at all levels of the body chemistry, that can greatly reduce the toxic load internally, allowing the body to recover from internal poisoning. The immune system is also being compromised by this constant toxic overload. We can see this in the form of new super bugs and highly resistant staph infections. These super bugs and new strains of staph infections are now often fatal because the immune system of many of us has been so severely damaged by chronic toxic poisoning and the ongoing abuse of antibiotics, which soon become less and less effective the more we take them. The so-called super bugs and the treatment resistant strains of staph can be overcome by our own immune system, if we keep it healthy and well. The immune system of the human body is the most powerful protector we have, but it has been abused and allowed to become exhausted and ineffective to where we now must fear the super bugs and the resistant staph infections. The Institute of Nutritional Science has programs for safe and effective detoxification of the body as well as Targeted Supplements designed to both boost and nourish the immune system, thereby protecting us from these super bugs. Remember, only the body can heal."