Cold weather attending children doubled than usual

Source: Xining Evening News Author: Zhang Hong Liang Published: 2017-12-05 08:28 Editor: Tian was

  Qinghai News Network Recently, the reporter in Xining First Medical Group Hospital pediatric outpatient see waiting chairs in the corridor full of waiting children and parents. With the advent of winter, respiratory diseases into the prone to high incidence, especially in children with a higher prevalence, the city's major hospitals pediatric outpatient clinic surge.
  Children's parents, Ms. Liu told reporters, "daughter of Jane 3-year-old this year, initially only a little cough, thought it was inflammation of the throat, eat medicine can be good, did not care, I did not expect children to cough more and more serious, and began Fever, quickly with children came to the hospital to detect pneumonia, hospitalized the same day.
  Another child parent said that when the child returned from kindergarten he had been coughing. When he touched the child's head and was very hot, he was promptly sent to the hospital. As a result, pneumonia was detected and nearly half of the child's class was ill.
  According to the Department of Pediatrics Director Liu Wei introduced from November, fever, respiratory infections, pneumonia, influenza, a sharp increase in children, of which more than half of children with pneumonia. Compared with the same period of last year, the number of children in this year has increased, especially in critically ill children, with the majority of preschoolers being children. At present, pediatric clinic visits about 150 people a day, is more than double the usual treatment of children, outpatient infusion of children up to 40 people. Pediatric Inpatient Department more than 20 beds, admitted to hospital in November 70 children, pediatricians significantly increased workload than usual. Children in the face of raging infants, pediatrics has increased in the clinic medical staff to solve the problem of children with difficult treatment.
  Liu Wei told reporters that the reasons for the increase in children and the weather is cold, increasing the temperature difference between day and night have a certain relationship. Prevention of these diseases in children, preventive measures are important, first, to strengthen indoor ventilation, keep the air fresh, less crowded places to go; second is to avoid cross-infection, to keep children away from sick people, parents at home sick But also to make the isolation; the third is to add the clothes as the weather is warm and cold; Fourth, go out or outdoor activities should try to wear a mask made of cotton cloth, gauze.