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China - Foshan pediatric hospitals full of flu patients - recruiting volunteer health workers - Guangdong province - April 6, 2016

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  • China - Foshan pediatric hospitals full of flu patients - recruiting volunteer health workers - Guangdong province - April 6, 2016

    Pediatric clinic patients increased influenza Foshan hospitals to recruit volunteers

    2016-04-06 09:34:00Source: Guangzhou DailyAuthor: Huang Zaining, PengfeiI have something to say ( 0 trackback)
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      "Pediatric hospitals were full, urgent recruiting volunteers!" Recently, the Shunde First People's Hospital due to lack of manpower to deal with "get together" of flu patients, recruited to the public can take part in emergency pediatric nurses volunteer work.
      While shouting "thirsty", and also appeared in major hospitals in the city of Foshan. Reporters visited learned that due to the recent increase in the number of influenza, influenza patients each hospital admissions amount Foshan pediatric clinic, also surged 1-3 times than the normal period, and pediatrician "stretched", but also for the impact of each hospital patients provide medical services. Reporters yesterday from Foshan Wei accounting department learned this year, up by Liu Cheng Foshan flu, and the weather changes too quickly became the main reason for the flu-prone.
      Emergency Nurses chipped recruit volunteers
      The surge in the number of medical treatment, on the one hand to allow doctors to become more busy, on the other hand letting many patients facing long queues pain.
      Staff concerned Foshan Second People's Hospital, said late last month from the beginning to now, paediatrics, respiratory medicine and traditional Chinese medicine No. substantially all full and the full state. "The hospital has deployed medical staff on duty, but because too many patients, the patients have to wait on line for hours." The official said that in such cases, or easy to produce in patients with contradictions.
      Shunde First People's Hospital emergency department Jiang Zhuren told reporters, because the emergency department, a limited number of pediatricians, long time to see the doctor, so the hospital launched the "emergency plan" to solicit volunteers to ease the waiting crowd. "Volunteer work projects from the Government in the hospital." The hospital office official told reporters, volunteers arranged in the 18:00 to 10:00 this time.
      So what are these emergency recruit volunteers work? According to recently raised nearly 40 settled in the pediatric clinic of the person in charge of MCH Shunde District, he said the volunteers to assist the nurses, do on-site counseling, helping patients in clinics outside the body temperature and the like. "These volunteers also staff from various departments within the hospital." The official said, because the pediatric clinic staff shortages, will soon have to deploy the rest of the outpatient department of a doctor, a nurse in "support" of Pediatrics, as a special period initiatives.
      Flu surge burst busy pediatrician
      "After 8:30 duty, has been continuously see the doctor, sometimes sat morning classes 1:30, parents also mistakenly thought the doctor's afternoon shift started." Shunde MCH pediatric clinic doctor Zhang He told reporters, from the end of the beginning, the surge in outpatient patients make their own "surprise."
      According Shunde MCH statistics show that access to this month, the pediatric hospital admissions and emergency department daily on the amount of flu more than 800 people, is three times the normal level. "Sections of more than 20 doctors, most did not have time to eat lunch, began the afternoon admissions work." Dr. Zhang said.
      Reporters yesterday from Foshan Second People's Hospital learned that a staff member of the hospital told reporters, one morning, patients see the doctor more than 50 people, and a respiratory physicians in the morning to see a 70 or so. "In the past only about three doctors on night duty, now doubling staff." Head of Shunde First People's Hospital, said patients children, they account for the majority of flu patients.
      Reporters from the Shunde First People's Hospital learned that the flu Recently multiple daily visits to the First People's Hospital of Shunde than usual in children has increased enormously, pediatric day hospital admissions amount before from the usual normal levels of 700 to 800 people, the daily average soared to 1300 people.
      Liu Cheng-year rise to sporadic cases mainly
      The seasons change, many people are suffering from a cold. According to data provided by Foshan City CDC, flu cases this year, Foshan, Liu Cheng increase over last year, in which students and child morbidity in the proportion of two percent and a half.
      Foshan CDC relevant responsible person said, this year Foshan flu peak over a year earlier, larger epidemic intensity. In addition, based on observations of sentinel hospitals, the influenza-like illness since mid-February over baseline, showed a rapid upward trend, currently sustained at a high level. "To enter since March, the weather is very unstable, strong cool weather and high humidity, low resistance easily lead people the flu." The official said that the public do not need to worry too much, good attention to the relevant preventive work.
      Wei Shunde District Bureau of the person in charge said that despite the first quarterly report of the number of cases of influenza compared with last year, it is expected that the prevalence peaked late last month, but at the beginning of this month, again the possibility of flu cases surge is unlikely.
      The person in charge, this year's flu outbreak appeared to H1N1, B type influenza based, and is currently still sporadic cases of influenza, collective institutions and community outbreaks occurred.