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China - Southern provinces incidence of influenza abnormally high this year - mainly H3N2

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  • China - Southern provinces incidence of influenza abnormally high this year - mainly H3N2

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    Southern provinces more than a high incidence of influenza experts say abnormal or haze related

    Time: 2014-01-08 09:23 Source: Yangtze Evening News Author: Yan Yang  
    "So many people around how cold ah, a just, another one has fallen." Recently, many people have such a feeling. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the CDC, Jiangsu Province, the province is currently in an abnormal high state of influenza, epidemic intensity higher than the average of the past three years. "Attack" us, mainly "H3N2" flu. The upcoming Spring Festival, also make the distribution of the national flu virus changes. Since the peak of the annual flu epidemic is 1-2 months, the current public flu vaccine is still time.


    Patients are mostly smaller than usual infusion of the whole respiratory infections double

    "One year on his son, the class has more than 10 sick children go home and rest. Their children to school we are worried, afraid to come back suddenly cough." In a group of parents, one mother says, another Mom said that her family by her daughter's situation is better this time around, the kids did not get together and sick, but they gradually leave or there. Many children cold, big enough to choke people, an office turns "poisoned" the situation is not uncommon.

    In the hospital, the patient was also wearing a cold heap. Reporters learned that the Nanjing Children's Hospital admissions daily volume has reached more than 7,000, a thousand small number of patients every night, most of them respiratory infections. Drum Tower Hospital, Nanjing First Hospital of infusion room, the same is packed. Department of Pediatrics and Child Health Hospital, Jiangsu Province, present day by day plus late night shift, the number reached more than 1,100 outpatient infusion has five or six hundred people, more than double the usual full. It is basically a small infusion in patients with a fever.

    Overcrowded hospital, doctors had to work overtime. Nanjing Children's Hospital Respiratory like some doctors clinic, before the time if you do not work at night, 5:30 will be able to work, and now 5:30 queuing patients have a slip, doctors were only able to eat lunch and then back to the post , 6:30 continue to patients to see a doctor. Jiangsu Province MCH is also the administrative staff mobilized, fixed time every day on duty in the pediatric clinic, pediatric clinic to assist and guide the patient triage to ensure the orderly conduct of treatment.


    Three years ahead of the average proportion of influenza to "H3N2" flu-based

    Although fever is not necessarily the flu, but the provincial disease control in monitoring the province's 29 sentinel hospitals, the current influenza province is indeed a high incidence of abnormal state of popular strength higher than the average of the previous three years.

    Disease Prevention and Control Center of Jiangsu Province as 汤奋扬 acute communicable disease control director, told reporters that the current incidence of influenza in northern basically unchanged from previous years, however, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangzhou and other southern provinces, the incidence of influenza are higher than in previous years. CDC to monitor the situation in Jiangsu Province from 29 sentinel hospitals of view, more than 60,000 patient visits, and flu-like patients accounted for 4.5% -5%, exceeding the average of the previous three years (about 3.5%), but also higher than the predicted level. In influenza-like illness, the influenza virus testing positive rate of about 36 percent, a figure with the national flat. This is 36% of the patients with confirmed influenza, 77% are influenza A H3N2 influenza, H1N1 is accounted for 17%. Because the increased incidence of influenza, pneumonia cases also showed a growing trend.

    In addition, last year also reported clusters of small-scale flu outbreak more than 40, of which the last week of December would have reported 12 cases. This small-scale clusters of outbreaks occurred mainly in schools and factories, mines and enterprises.

    3:00 doubt

    1, influenza abnormally high fat, and haze related?

    Haze left, influenza on menacing. The current situation of the province of influenza abnormally high fat, and haze is not a relationship? Tang Fenyang director told reporters that the flu epidemic is cyclical, generally there are two incidence peaks throughout the year, are 6-8 and 1-2 month month. So now more than is normal in patients with influenza. As in previous years, the level is not higher because of haze, Tang Fenyang, said the haze would respiratory tract irritation, cough, inflammation and other diseases, but also reduce the immune system for the elderly, children and other people can say and Influenza is a certain relationship.
    But how much of this correlation, the study is still inconclusive.

    2, the upcoming Spring Festival, will make the flu more serious?
    Spring Festival approaching, the South and the North suddenly increased population mobility, coupled with the trains, cars are a relatively confined space, the next influenza will further rise it? Tang Fenyang, from the pathogen monitoring, the north and south of the current influenza are different, the North is the main strain of influenza A H1N1 and type B, the southern provinces is the influenza H3N2. Spring flows north and south of the population, may give the domestic distribution of influenza viruses bring "shuffle", B-type influenza may increase in the South, "H3N2" flu could rise in the north. So to remind members of the public do protection work to minimize the occurrence of influenza.
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela