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Large temperature difference between day and night, accidentally cold to

correction At 00:46 on October 21, 2013 Source: Dongguan Times
  Last week, the public should already beginning to feel the autumn. Visits with the cold air, the temperature also decreased slightly in Dongguan, DIF has been significantly increased.

  This season the season, we must prevent a cold. Last week, Dongguan Hospital flu patients have begun to multiply, including pediatric cases more apparent.

  East Side Schilling said on Friday morning to get up, my daughter started a runny nose, and then the temperature is a bit high, and quickly sent to the hospital. Some parents also report that child been coughing after a cold, but not always good, has been considered a traditional Chinese doctor.

  Indeed, now is the season of multiple respiratory disease. Doctors said that due to the temperature difference between day and night, do not pay attention, it is easy to catch a cold, for example, some people are still blowing fan at night, and even air conditioning, it is easy to catch cold, in addition, if the temperature changes, no time to add clothing, these are likely to be caught.

  Therefore, doctors also reminded the public, home hygiene, washing hands frequently, and more windows open for ventilation, should be timely to add clothing to minimize children to the crowd gathered in public places, in order to avoid cross-infection. Normally, drink plenty of water, pay attention to exercise, enhance physical fitness.

  In addition, this season, in addition to the common cold, the flu also easy to commit. So, nurseries and schools should pay attention to take appropriate preventive measures.