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Maoming individual schools influenza epidemic occurred

2013-10-31 11:31:48 Author: Zhang Wu Source: Maoming News
Maoming News Network Recently, some people reflect, urban flu outbreak in a primary school, same class, there are dozens of students have been infected, the school closed and the isolation and treatment need to take other measures. Although not yet found a wide range of spread of influenza in Maoming signs, but many parents are still very worried, very afraid of their children in school with the flu.

On influenza prevention and control and other related issues, the reporter recently visited the City CDC, the answer is that the current monitoring data analysis, the city's flu outbreak occurred in individual schools is just a seasonal flu and can be preventable and controllable Therefore, the public need not "talk stream pale."

Reporter learned from the Municipal Center for Disease Control, in September, the province reported significant increase in influenza outbreaks, influenza outbreaks were reported in 18 cases, and both occurred in schools and nurseries. In the city, September 30 cases of influenza cases reported last month (three cases) increased by 900%.

Allegedly, the high incidence of influenza and related Recently, large temperature changes. In order to carry influenza prevention and control work, the city set up a three influenza sentinel surveillance, which, City People's Hospital as a national monitoring points, City Hospital for the provincial monitoring points, Gangqu monitoring point for the municipal People's Hospital , City CDC pathogenic microbiology laboratory as a national influenza surveillance network laboratories. According to reports, the city's influenza surveillance system is operating normally, once the aggregation of influenza-like illness, CDC will be able to learn the first time to investigate and intervene to prevent further spread of the epidemic. For the current flu epidemic situation in our city, the Municipal Health Bureau and the City Board of Education will jointly issued a document on the prevention and control of influenza this winter and spring to make the city's unified deployment and arrangements.

City CDC remind the general public, in a period of high incidence of influenza, should avoid contact with patients with influenza-like illness, you must wear a mask when in contact; if flu-like symptoms should avoid contact with others, and should seek immediate medical attention should go to the hospital wear a mask; maintain indoor temperature, an increase in the number of daily window ventilation to keep indoor air fresh; elderly and children when they go out more to keep warm, to minimize access to crowded, polluted air of the place.

Disease control experts stressed that the influenza do not panic, in addition to the usual attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but for influenza vaccination is an important measure for effective prevention and control of influenza. This reporter learned that the city appeared mainly seasonal influenza A H3N2 influenza and seasonal influenza type B influenza, while the city is provided with influenza A H1N1 influenza vaccine strains, influenza A H3N2 strain, influenza B virus component of the MMR vaccine, once seeded in a large variation of the virus did not occur prior to the effective prevention of influenza A and B.

Maoming Daily reporter Zhang Wu correspondent Xie Weihua