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China - More symptoms of 2020 "air conditioning disease": conjunctivitis, fatigue, pain & numbness in limbs, toe issues, runny nose, diarrhea - August 18, 2020

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  • China - More symptoms of 2020 "air conditioning disease": conjunctivitis, fatigue, pain & numbness in limbs, toe issues, runny nose, diarrhea - August 18, 2020

    The elders are said to "cry" under the high temperature, beware of "air conditioning disease"
    2020-08-18 07:27:57 Hangzhou Net
    According to the Daily Business Daily, although the beginning of autumn has passed, Hangzhou has not yet come out, and the high temperature has once again sounded the alarm. According to the weather forecast, the temperature will hit 38℃ in the past week.

    It is said that "the life of summer is given by air conditioning", but many diseases are also given by air conditioning. In the past few days, various departments of Zhejiang Hospital have treated patients of all kinds of "air-conditioning diseases".

    17-year-old high school boy blows air-conditioning to "belly"
    Last weekend night, the Intestinal Clinic of the Infectious Diseases Department of Zhejiang Hospital received several cases of diarrhea. Xiao Xu, a 17-year-old high school student, was one of them.
    According to him, he used the air conditioner to play games at home all summer vacation, and the temperature was very low. It was fine to go home after eating at noon that day. At night, I got a little runny nose, and then started to have diarrhea.
    Wang Hong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, introduced that during the process of blowing air conditioning, some people with sensitive gastrointestinal tract will become excited about their parasympathetic nerves and increase gastrointestinal peristalsis. Food and water in the body stay in the intestine for a short time. Digestion and absorption are excreted, which may cause diarrhea.
    Especially for children, don’t be greedy for cold weather. If you get sweaty after playing outdoors, don’t rush into the air-conditioned room. Take a break to collect your sweat, or wipe off your sweat with a dry towel for 10 minutes. Then enter the air-conditioned room. Also pay attention when you go out. Turn off the air conditioner 10 minutes in advance to allow the indoor and outdoor temperatures to approach, giving your children a time to adapt.
    Female white-collar workers were blown by the cold wind, shoulders hurt and toes numb
    38-year-old Ms. Wang (pseudonym) came to Zhejiang Hospital because of her toes.
    She told the doctor that she had been engaged in copywriting work, and in order to keep her head clear, she had to adjust the office air conditioner at around 20?C every day. I was afraid that it would be too cold, so I prepared long pants and wool slippers for myself, but after a while, I felt dizzy, shoulder pain, neck pain, and then my toes began to tingle.
    Orthopedics (1) Director Ru Xuanliang, chief physician, told Ms. Wang that the cause of neck pain may be the air conditioner she often uses. When the body surface of the human body suddenly receives a cold air flow, it will cause the sweat glands to close, affect the normal metabolism and secretion, and make one's own muscles cold. In addition, nowadays, people often sit for a long time, and the muscles are stimulated by cold wind after long-term strain. Aseptic inflammation of the soft tissues will appear, which will lead to pain and even numbness of the limbs in severe cases.
    Ru Xuanliang said that this summer, there are not a few patients with "frozen shoulder" caused by air conditioning.
    The elders were called "cry" in the office
    The white-collar Mr. Zhang (pseudonym) who came to the hospital because of the air-conditioning problem also had eye problems. He originally had dry eyes, which hasn't happened for a long time, but recently he started to cry in his eyes while staying in the office to blow the air conditioner.
    Chief Physician Xu Jiehui, director of the ophthalmology department, said that air conditioning not only brings cool wind, but also reduces indoor air humidity. After a long time, it will accelerate the evaporation of tears and cause problems such as dry eyes. Especially for those who are looking forward to working in an air-conditioned room, concentrating on working with a computer reduces the number of blinks, which affects the secretion of tears, and makes the already dry eyes even worse. It is easy to cause dry eyes and dry eyes. , Fatigue, photophobia, accompanied by tingling, burning sensation and other symptoms.
    She also pointed out that the air conditioner is used frequently in summer. If the filter of the air conditioner is not thoroughly cleaned, the large amount of dust and mites accumulated in the filter will move around the room with the wind blown by the air conditioner, making conjunctival sensitive people It is inevitable to avoid it, which can cause itching, redness and burning of the eyes and induce inflammation of the conjunctiva.