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China - Pediatric Emergency Hospital Department surge of respiratory patients in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province - fog and smog blamed - January 1, 2016

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  • China - Pediatric Emergency Hospital Department surge of respiratory patients in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province - fog and smog blamed - January 1, 2016

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    January 1st, 2016, 08:30 PM
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    China - Pediatric Emergency Hospital Department surge of respiratory patients in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province - fog and smog blamed - January 1, 2016

    Pediatric outpatient soared one day more than 400 children to see "haze disease"


    10:00 last night, the city MCH Emergency Department nurse Hu released a micro-channel. It says "after 21:00 pediatric emergency room, each city are busy. Busy! Busy! Busy!" Yesterday, reporter learned from the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health Hospital, the recent surge in pediatric outpatients a day, five doctors to admissions More than 400 children.

    CHILD Pediatrics Director Zhang Kunming, said pediatric outpatient previously only 250 passengers a day, and now has nearly doubled.   Case   6-month-old baby boy wheezing induced heart disease   eventually heart failure   last week, six-month-old baby boy was vast parents rushed to the hospital. When the hospital, vast purple little face, difficulty breathing, looked very painful. Mother Ms Chu introduced them in Yangzhou, a food market selling vegetables, because no one at home to look after the children, Ms. Zhu put the six-month-old son near the stalls, so take care.   Reporters learned that, ever since the birth had never been seen vast, it is smaller than the average child heads, and lighter weight. From early December, Ms. Zhu son felt something was amiss, constantly coughing, wheezing and severe, often Bie little face flushed. On Saturday, cough vast worsens, breathing accelerated. Ms. Zhu recalled the day when sleep at night, she was awakened by the child's breathing, turn on the lights and saw the child's face was purple.   In desperation, Ms. Zhu and her husband, and quickly send their children to the Child Health Hospital emergency room. Pediatrics Director Zhang Kunming inspection found that the baby had congenital heart disease, plus wheezing severe, and the condition was delayed down. Reporters learned that the baby after three days of rescue, and ultimately heart failure, parents choose to give up treatment.   

    Analysis of   haze days + underlying disease   heart disease, asthma patients should be careful   CHILD Pediatrics Director Zhang Kunming, he told reporters the child had congenital heart disease on the weak constitution, coupled with the poor air quality in fog and haze, resulting in children shortness of breath, and then affect the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Respiratory tract in patients with heart failure when stimulated, it will cause difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, increased heart failure, so be extra attention. He believes that children themselves heart and lung function is weak, coupled with imperfect development, breathing, heart of the system more vulnerable, more susceptible to haze affected. The vast parents will put it under the open-air environment, it is the leading cause vast congenital heart attack.   Experts said there are people in the asthma should also pay particular attention to haze days.

    Recently, an 8-year-old boy has asthma after the onset to hospital. The boy's mother told the doctor, the child onset of winter in a row three times, and the condition is difficult to improve. In this regard, Zhang Kunming director believes that the nature of asthma is a chronic airway inflammation, airway inflammation causing the airways to various stimuli outside reactivity enhancement in fog and haze days, the air of harmful gases and dust particles increase, will lead to chronic inflammation of the airways. When severe acute asthma attack, patients may have a sense of suffocation, shortness of breath, not supine, severe or even confusion, if not timely rescue, can be life threatening.   Case   small patient flocked   pediatric outpatients almost doubled   flocked to the small patient   pediatric outpatients almost doubled   yesterday morning, the reporter saw at MCH pediatric clinic on the first floor hall, five clinic of parents and children lined up outside are many. It is understood that the hospital pediatric clinic has five doctors Zuozhen a day, every day five doctors extremely busy. Director Zhang Kunming roughly calculate the next, since December pediatric outpatients per day reached more than 400 children, children with only 250 people in the past day or so. Experts said that nowadays pediatric outpatients daily volume has nearly doubled.   

    Reporters learned that more than half of all children with pediatric respiratory disease perspective. Recently, the treatment of children with major emerging diseases including influenza, the common cold, asthma, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, laryngitis. Many children with delays in the course of healing, not a certain relationship with the air, the air of respirable particulate matter may damage human lung cilia, easy to induce or aggravate respiratory diseases.   "Every winter is the busiest time pediatrician, cold weather, the virus addition, if a poor air quality again, even more frightening." Said Zhang Kunming, relatively adults, children in fog and haze days more vulnerable. Children already weak resistance, coupled with its respiratory short, narrow nasal mucosa weak defense even more weak. Some children under 1 year of sick, mainly due to the parents of a cold, poorly ventilated home, the results cross-infection.   Proposal   to reduce outdoor activities, promptly wash the nose, mouth   Zhang Kunming suggested children should reduce outdoor activities. At the same time, we must promptly give children washing the face, nose and mouth, they often give children mouthwash to remove adhering dirt in the mouth. In this season, the parents if improper care, such as dressing the child too much or too little, and poor indoor ventilation, decreased immunity caused more children. It recommends that parents give their children more vitamins and calcium, improve children's body resistance; to let children eat more fruits and vegetables, can lungs in addition to dry, expectorant cough.   Doubt   elderly Morning fog and haze days can it?   We need to guard against what disease?   Poor air quality, coupled with low temperatures, many elderly people often go to the hospital. Reporters learned from the hospital emergency room in northern Jiangsu, the recent period of time, sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, many elderly patients, some of the elderly heart attack, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage were taken to hospital, some people even died. Emergency room doctors Lu Mingfeng introduced Morning fog and haze days of great threat to the cardiovascular, PM2.5 directly into the blood through the respiratory tract, stimulating blood vessels, causing high blood pressure, and even lead to myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia.   Reporters learned that a few days ago a 72-year-old man with heart in the morning exercises when the unfortunate incidence, when hospital heart rate, blood pressure. Emergency department doctors, okay old man was taken to hospital in time, after the use of drugs and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the old man regained consciousness over.   Doctors advise elderly, fog and haze days should minimize out, but not suitable for outdoor morning exercise. For patients with heart disease and other diseases, out best to wear a mask, which can effectively prevent dust particles from entering the body. Also, go out back to clean the face and exposed skin immediately, the diet should choose light, good digestion and vitamin-rich foods, pay attention to drink plenty of water, eat more fruit.   Reporter correspondent Huang Zheng Xun   Author: Huang