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China - Emergency room seeing 20-30% more patients than normal due to pneumonia, fever in Suzhou, Jiangsu province

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  • China - Emergency room seeing 20-30% more patients than normal due to pneumonia, fever in Suzhou, Jiangsu province

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    The temperatures plunged wash tall two-year-old boy in Suzhou pneumonia
    A - A + 2013 3 12 11:33 Modern ExpressComment

    Temperatures plunged Suzhou University Children's Hospital, registered to the front of the stage overcrowding
      On Saturday, the maximum temperature in Suzhou once reached 29 ℃, giving the illusion of a day this summer. But the heavy winter clothes have not had time to take off the next day, ushered in a strong cold air, the maximum temperature dropped to below 10 ℃ look, a lot of children suffering from pneumonia because of the cold, enteritis, fever adults has also increased a lot. In this regard, the doctor recommended that the warm, head and feet, early spring can not be ignored, especially "Spring cover.

      He Yinping text / photo

      11:00 yesterday, Suzhou University Children's Hospital before the window of each registered are lined with more than 10 meters long queue. Morning came from Wuzhong District, Ms. Zhao holding a 50-day-old son, has been waiting for nearly two hours in the waiting area. She said, temperatures plummeted after last Sunday, the child is coughing, so I quickly came to the hospital to see a doctor. In pediatric physician Yan Wenhua consulting room, he being of children and parents surrounded. Originally end 11:30 outpatient, has been extended to 12:30.

      Yan Wenhua introduced, since last Sunday, the hospital total outpatient reach 3940 visitors a day, an increase of 20% more than usual.

    Most of these children was respiratory disease, many children have pneumonia, enteritis. About 80% of children aged under two years of age. Yan Wenhua lower resistance of the body of a younger age and young children, this two-day temperatures plunged, many children can not adapt, they are cold and very easy to get sick. Yesterday morning, he met a two-year-old boy, the treatment when the cough is very serious. According to the child's mother, on Saturday night, taking advantage of the hot days, her son wash his head and put on a spring. I did not expect the next day, the child coughed. After diagnosis, the child is suffering from pneumonia.

      In addition to many children sick, the sudden drop in temperatures also many adults who can not adapt. Second Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University, Department of Respiratory Medicine physician Zhou Tong told reporters that from the start on Sunday, the Section outpatients than usual increase of nearly 30%, to see a doctor more than half are young people, mostly fever and tonsil inflammation. The prevalence of young people there is no time to add clothing.


      Head and feet must be "Spring cover"

      Yan Wenhua said, early spring, the temperature difference between day and night, the little attention it is easy to colds, "Spring cover can not be ignored. "Spring cover key is to" cover "a good head and neck with your feet. But the "Spring cover" is not dressed the better clothing increase or decrease depending on the weather and changes, but also according to his own physical condition. Colder sooner or later, may be appropriate "cover" for a while, sunny midday high temperatures, may be appropriate to cut some more clothes. In general, children wearing than adult more than one. In addition, to strengthen the training, to maintain adequate sleep and rest rules. Weather in poor air quality, go out to wear masks.