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China - Emergency Response Drill for H5N1 in Poultry Held in Tumen, Jilin Province

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  • China - Emergency Response Drill for H5N1 in Poultry Held in Tumen, Jilin Province

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    Tumen burst in 2010, held a major animal epidemic emergency response drill

    • Tumen City held a major animal disease emergencies in 2010 Emergency Response Exercise

    • Agricultural Network 2010-07-05 Source: Jilin Province Livestock Information Center

      Tumen, held in 2010 a major animal disease emergency exercise sudden, major animal disease, animal disease, animal disease exercise
    • In order to enhance the emergency response capacity of major animal epidemic, so that orderly, strong, effective and standard treatment of major animal disease, protect public health, animal health and safety, June 29, 2010, held in 2010 plans were suddenly made a major animal disease emergency exercise, Tumen City Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau all the staff more than 40 people participated in the exercise.

    • The emergency response exercise to "Tumen City Emergency Plan prevention and control of major animal epidemic," as the basis, with on-site training approach focused on training on the sudden outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza emergency response incident.

    • A simulation exercise took place in a Tumen Mayor An Zhenxing Village farms highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak occurred in the exercise, the exercise group organized to carry out reserve collection, blockade, culling, disinfection, sound processing and so on, the fight against the epidemic in the shortest possible time.

    • After 6 months, after 21 days of surveillance, no new case of compliance after the blockade lifted.

    • Through the actual exercise, both test the operability of the emergency plan, but also prepared to exercise the emergency response team of personnel capacity, further enhancing the farmers of the major animal disease prevention and control of emergency awareness, for the healthy development of animal husbandry in Tumen city lay the foundation.