Is China necessary to expand its nuclear weapons? Experts say so
World Wide Web on May 9, 2020 08:03
  Original title: Is it necessary for China to expand its nuclear weapons? Expert: China's nuclear power is fully capable of maintaining nuclear safety through careful calculation

  [Global Times-Global Network Reporter Li Sikun Liu Xuanzun] Warships continuously broke into the Xisha sea area of ​​China, bombers intensively approached the Taiwan Strait, publicly advertised the deployment of land-based cruise missiles in the Asia Pacific to counter the "missile threat" from China ... Since time, the United States has continuously upgraded its military presence around China. Against this background, voices on the Internet calling for China to further strengthen its nuclear power began to appear. At present, is our nuclear power sufficient to respond to threats? What about the view of "expanding nuclear arsenals"? On the 8th, military expert Song Zhongping told a reporter from the Global Times that China should continue to build a "small but refined" strategic nuclear force, and appropriately increasing the number of nuclear weapons would meet the actual needs of China's national security. Yang Chengjun, a nuclear arms control expert, believes that although the number of nuclear weapons in China is much smaller than that of major nuclear powers, it is fully capable of maintaining national nuclear security.

  In an interview with a reporter from the Global Times, military expert Song Zhongping said that it is very necessary for China to develop new strategic nuclear weapons. He pointed out that this is mainly due to two considerations: on the one hand, when today is not peaceful, the United States is building a new generation of nuclear weapons, which poses a great threat to China; on the other hand, China ’s nuclear weapons also need to be constantly updated, "We Maintaining a small and sophisticated strategy and mass production must be done fine. "He emphasized that this is very important for us to build a strategic nuclear force with Chinese characteristics.

  Yang Chengjun, an expert in China's nuclear strategy and nuclear arms control, told the Global Times that the development trend of nuclear weapons in the world today is miniaturization, low pollution and the diversification of launch platforms. He said that before the 1990s, the power of nuclear weapons was usually millions or even tens of millions of tons of TNT equivalent, and the damage caused by the use of such a large amount of nuclear weapons is very large, if used, it will bring huge The collateral damage will also be condemned by the international community. "If this kind of nuclear weapon hits a country's capital or a big city, then the place will become a ruin, which can be described as the disaster of extinction. This cost can not be afforded by every country." Yang Chengjun further introduced In terms of development, nuclear powers including the United States and Russia have successfully developed tactical nuclear weapons such as neutron bombs and depleted uranium bombs. "Despite no actual combat test, the smell of gunpowder is getting stronger and stronger, because these countries believe that such tactical nuclear weapons are readily available."

  Song Zhongping believes that when the United States regards small-equivalent nuclear weapons as the main strike force to deter China, China also needs to simultaneously develop more advanced nuclear weapons. He pointed out that not only the quality, but also a certain amount needs to be increased, so as to effectively curb US nuclear strikes and nuclear deterrence. "We do not seek to engage in a nuclear arms race with the United States, but the appropriate increase in the number of nuclear weapons is in line with the actual needs of China's national security, because we are facing more and more threats, especially from the United States."

  On the issue of the number of nuclear weapons, Yang Chengjun's view is relatively more cautious. He revealed to reporters that China's nuclear strategy is "skillful and effective." "The so-called lean refers to the number of nuclear weapons and the size of the troops; while effective refers to the first wave of nuclear strikes that can withstand the enemy without using nuclear weapons first, and can effectively counterattack." He gave reporters An extreme assumption is made: if the United States launches a nuclear strike against China, although China has fewer nuclear weapons than the United States, it is enough that the existing nuclear weapons can "beat the United States" in the counterattack.

  Yang Chengjun emphasized in particular that the so-called "effectiveness" of nuclear weapons has great articles: "How can it be effective? What is the number, what kind of penetration ability, what kind of damage effect, what kind of hit accuracy can it be made effective? The connotation is too rich. "He told the" Global Times "reporter that one of the core connotations of China ’s nuclear policy is that it will never compare with the number and scale of nuclear powers." Currently, the number of nuclear warheads in our country is three digits, but our production There is no problem with ability and potential. "He said.

  When talking about the quality of China's nuclear weapons, Song Zhongping believes that the quality of China's nuclear weapons is currently not as good as that of the United States and Russia, so it is necessary for China to strengthen the quality and quantity of nuclear weapons and increase its nuclear power appropriately. But Yang Chengjun took a different view. He said that China ’s nuclear weapons are "absolutely no problem" in quality, "our nuclear weapons’ survivability, anti-nuclear strike capability, penetration capability, and rapid response capability are all okay. If any country dares We have full confidence in the idea of ​​China ’s use of nuclear weapons, so that it will be subject to nuclear retaliation from the devastation and basically wipe out this country. "

  "China will never want a nuclear war in the history of mankind." Yang Chengjun said, "China does not cause trouble, but it is not afraid of things."

  Yang Chengjun said that the country has always attached great importance to the construction and development of nuclear forces and carefully organized the research, demonstration and calculation of the number and scale of China's nuclear forces. Among them, various factors such as the development number, survivability, probability of launch success, penetration capability, probability of explosion, service life, delivery vehicles, number of basic firepower units, production capacity and development potential of China ’s nuclear weapons are comprehensively considered.

  He said that China ’s nuclear thinking, nuclear policy, nuclear strategy, and the objectives and principles of nuclear weapons construction are very clear. Although the number of nuclear weapons in China is much smaller than that of major nuclear powers, it is very effective and has the means and ability to maintain the country. Nuclear safety. "We have a group of generals and experts with national feelings that protect the nuclear security of the motherland day and night. Everyone need not worry."

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