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China: BF Coverup Allegations (Epoch Times)

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  • China: BF Coverup Allegations (Epoch Times)

    From the Epoch Times, allegations of a bird flu coverup in China

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    Worse Than Any Nightmare?Journalist Quits China to Expose Concentration Camp Horrors and Bird Flu Coverup

    Over 6,000 Falun Gong Practitioners Detained in Secret Concentration Camp in China; 425 Bird Flu Patients in Two Facilities

    Epoch Times Staff Mar 10, 2006

    A reporter from China who worked for a Japanese television news agency and specialized in Chinese news recently escaped to the United States after being wanted in China for reporting on controversial issues. (The Epoch Times)

    High-res image (1200 x 900 px, 72 dpi) A long-time reporter who worked for a Japanese television news agency and specialized in news on China told The Epoch Times that some little-known and very frightening things are happening in China today. To protect his identity, The Epoch Times will refer to him as Mr. R.

    CCP is Hiding Bird Flu from the World

    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has concealed the spread of the H5N1 bird flu epidemic within China from the rest of the world, according to Mr. R. Currently, 425 bird flu patients are detained at the Heping District Contagious Disease Hospital and the Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Huanggu District, Shenyang City. These patients are being used for medical experiments. Liaoning Province has decided to not report these patients to the central government and use all of them as subjects for medical experiments. These people have no chance of survival.


    Two Hospitals in Shenyang City Locked Up 425 Bird Flu-infected Patients

    I also want to talk about the bird flu problem in China. I believe that most people are aware of bird flu [in China], but do you believe there is no bird flu outbreak in China at present?

    On Feb 27, China's State Forest Administration Wild Life Plant Conservation Office Chief Zhuo Rongsheng said, "Now, I can be sure there is no bird flu [in humans] outbreak in China." Yet, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has never stopped suspecting that there is a bird flu outbreak [in humans] in China. The WHO could not find any evidence to support their suspicions, and they remain unsure whether the bird flu [in humans] is still only contained in Guangzhou.

    Two days ago, hospital medical staff accidentally leaked information that one person had died of bird flu in Guangzhou. It was then the outside world began to pay attention to the region of Guangzhou. Now the world is closely watching bird flu issue because of its highly infectious nature. However, in China's northeast city Shenyang there is an area that no ones knows or thinks about [with respect to this issue]. Recently I kept a close watch on that. The Wild Life Plant Conservation Office has been saying that there were 150 state level wild life observation stations and 402 provincial level observation stations, but I found that they either do not exist, or they have not been activated.

    The Communist regime has stated to the world that there is no bird flu problem in China and they also claim to have many observation stations in China, but the truth of the matter is that there is no monitoring of bird flu in China.

    In the past when talking about AIDS, Chinese people think of Hebei Province. Now, when talking about bird flu, people think of Guangzhou. Because there are many poultry farms in Guangzhou's suburb, the infectious problem is more serious than in other places. Actually, the bird flu is not just spread from birds, it can be passed around wild animals like civet cats. I have found and can prove that now there are large number of cases of bird flu infection in Zhalong, Helongjiang province and Xianghai, Jilin Province.

    I Can Name Two Institutions Housing a Large Number Human Bird Flu Infection Cases

    The Chinese Communist regime has said there were only 14 lab-verified human bird flu infection cases and eight deaths, not including the three recent cases. I can give the names of two institutions [involved in a coverup], Shenyang City Contagious Disease Hospital in Heping District, Shenyang and the Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Huanggu District, Shenyang. Most of the bird flu-infected patients are locked in these two hospitals, and shockingly there are 425 patients who have contracted bird flu.

    I got this information from a Shenyang Municipal Public Health Bureau internal report. The Bureau reported this directly to the Liaoning Provincial Committee, bypassing the Shenyang Municipal Committee even though the Municipal Committee is located on the other side of the street from the Provincial Committee.

    So what is the Provincial Committee's policy in handling this issue? It is not to report to upper level authorities any outbreaks of bird flu, and all bird flu patients in the hospital are being treated as experimental medical subjects.

    Relatives Cannot Help Bird Flu Infection Patients, as They Will Never Be Released

    Bird flu patients are just like SARS patients, their relatives cannot help them because they are nearly dead, and they will never be released out of the hospitals [where they are held]. Some of the patients are not Shenyang residents, and nobody knows that they are inside the hospital. As soon as they entered the hospital they become experimental medical subjects?this will never be made public.

    For whole article, with other allegations (Falong Gong, etc.) see: