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China - Media: Many college students in Jiangsu have been infected with tuberculosis - October 16, 2020

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  • China - Media: Many college students in Jiangsu have been infected with tuberculosis - October 16, 2020

    2020-10-16 11:33:56Beijing News reporter: Zhang Zhaohui Editor: Wang Lu

    Many college students in Jiangsu have been infected with tuberculosis. Does the first dose of BCG in life not work?

    The news that a number of students at Jiangsu Normal University were infected with tuberculosis caused a heated discussion among netizens: Does the first shot after birth won't work? How infectious is tuberculosis? Is this disease terrible? With these questions in mind, a reporter from the Beijing News interviewed Gao Mengqiu, the chief physician of the Second Tuberculosis Department of Beijing Chest Hospital, Capital Medical University. According to him, tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis through the respiratory tract. , In my country, tuberculosis is a Class B statutory infectious disease. There are about 800,000 new cases of tuberculosis in China every year. Gao Mengqiu reminded that although newborns will be vaccinated with BCG for the first shot after birth, the protection of BCG is relatively limited, and it is not foolproof after vaccination.

    Related to low immunity of the population

    Gao Mengqiu believes that there are many factors that cause tuberculosis in schools. “The student population is relatively special. First of all, young people are in the growth and development period and have relatively heavy learning tasks. If they do not have a good rest and an improper diet, they can easily lead to relatively low immunity and easy infection of infectious diseases, such as infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In addition, the classrooms are densely packed with students and they have close contact with each other during school. If the windows are not often opened for ventilation, once a bactericidal patient appears in the environment, his close contacts are very likely to be infected." Gao Mengqiu explained.

    The common symptoms of tuberculosis are cough and sputum. In addition, it is accompanied by blood in sputum, low-grade fever, night sweats, afternoon fever, chest pain, fatigue, weight loss, and difficulty breathing. "The current clinical treatment for tuberculosis is mainly divided into two categories, preventive treatment and therapeutic treatment." Gao Mengqiu introduced that preventive treatment is required for high-risk groups of people who have been infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis; Patients with active tuberculosis require therapeutic treatment. Therapeutic treatment is divided into sensitive tuberculosis treatment and drug-resistant tuberculosis treatment.

    In Gao Mengqiu's view, once a patient is diagnosed with active tuberculosis, he must enter the corresponding standardized treatment program, determine whether it is drug-resistant, and choose a standardized treatment plan. The treatment time for tuberculosis is relatively long. The simplest tuberculosis treatment time is 6 months, and patients cannot stop the drug without authorization.

    BCG vaccine has relatively limited protection

    Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that seriously threatens human health. In the early 20th century, tuberculosis was a disease with high mortality. In 1907, French scientists Kamed and Jielan began to cultivate a highly pathogenic tuberculosis bacterium isolated from the milk of tuberculosis cows. In 1921, inactivated live tuberculosis vaccine was first applied to humans. To commemorate the two scientists who worked hard for the vaccine, Kamed and Jielan, people called this vaccine "BCG." To this day, BCG still plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.

    Gao Mengqiu told reporters that as a type of vaccine, all children born in regular hospitals will receive BCG vaccination for the first shot. Nevertheless, the protective power of BCG is relatively limited. People who have not been vaccinated with BCG vaccine can completely avoid tuberculosis, and its effect is mainly to prevent severe tuberculosis in children.

    Avoid tuberculosis

    How to stay away from tuberculosis? One is to protect well, and the other is to treat in time. Gao Mengqiu believes that for HIV-infected people, organ transplant patients, immunosuppressive patients, silicosis patients, hemodialysis patients, and close contacts of tuberculosis with children under 5 years old among family members, once the test results are If PPD is positive, it is very easy to develop into active tuberculosis, which requires preventive treatment. For patients who have become active tuberculosis, they need to hurry up for treatment.

    Tuberculosis is preventable and treatable. Gao Mengqiu reminded that in daily life, we should promote a healthy lifestyle, regular work and rest, balanced diet and nutrition, proper exercise, and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, which will help improve the body’s resistance and prevent tuberculosis; go to hospitals and densely populated high-risk places Take the initiative to wear masks to prevent infection; in addition, for tuberculosis patients treated at home, try to live in separate rooms with others, keep the room ventilated, avoid spitting, wear masks, and try to avoid going to public places to avoid infecting others.