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China - Parents beat doctor after he insists on reporting son's scarlet fever diagnosis - Shaoxing, Zhejiang province - December 5, 2018

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  • China - Parents beat doctor after he insists on reporting son's scarlet fever diagnosis - Shaoxing, Zhejiang province - December 5, 2018

    Shaoxing pediatrician was beaten: Scarlet fever must be reported to parents who do not want to stop the class
    Source: Qianjiang Evening News 2018-12-05 10:45:43

    Doctor was hit a video screenshot
    "I suddenly stunned." In a small clinic, when faced with a pair of parents who suddenly rushed to hit him, pediatrician Chang Guanbin was not prepared at all. Lying in the hospital bed, he recalled to the reporter of Qianjiang Evening News.
    This is about 1:20 pm on December 3, Shaoxing Central Hospital Pediatric Clinic, 48-year-old Chang Guanbin continued to go to work after eating lunch.
    If there is no such accident, he will be able to get off work after ten minutes.
    At this time, a pair of 30-year-old parents came in with their 7-year-old son, who took a blood test.
    A few minutes later, the pediatrician was beaten by two parents, with four stitches in his head and a lot of blood. Currently, he is still in hospital for observation and treatment.
    As can be seen from the live video, the child was crying and trying to open the parents who were beating, but it was useless.

    The coat when the doctor was beaten was full of blood. Shi Chunbo photo
    Conflict in the office
    In Chang Guanbin's view, this was originally a very common clinic.
    The boy who is sick is a 7-year-old boy, surnamed Ho, who is a first-year elementary school student. The day before, he got a rash. So his father and mother took him to see the doctor. This family is a native of Shaoxing Keqiao.
    After reading the list and the condition, Chang Guanbin diagnosed that the child had a scarlet fever.
    Scarlet fever is a legal infectious disease. According to the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, online card is required. This means that for two weeks, the child has to rest at home and cannot go to school.
    Because of this, the conflict has taken place.
    The child's mother immediately objected that it would not work, and if it was reported, the child could not go to school.
    Chang Guanbin explained to them that this is an infectious disease and there are regulations that must be reported.
    The child’s mother said, I am not here for you.
    "I don't want to report it when I see a doctor. This is an infectious disease. If you go to school, it will be transmitted to other children." Chang Guanbin said, while filling out the list on the computer.
    In other hospitals, similar things have happened. Because the doctors did not report, the children in the entire class were infected. Later, doctors and hospitals were punished.
    When Chang Guanbin was about to submit it on the computer, the child's mother suddenly rushed up and played Chang Guanbin. She also grabbed her face with her hand and left a few scratches.
    Then, the child's father also came up, always licking his neck and hitting with his fist. Chang Guanbin’s glasses were knocked out and could not be seen clearly. Plus he had heart disease, and he was excited and his mind was blank.
    The 7-year-old boy kept pushing his parents and cried to persuade them not to fight, but the parents who beat him did not stop.
    Dr. Chang was suddenly beaten. Then, if he didn't know what was being smashed, his head began to bleed.