The truth about Chinese people buying houses accounts for 31% in Ho Chi Minh City

Thursday, December 27, 2018 13:17

Concerning conflicting information about the proportion of 31% of Chinese people buying houses in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, on December 27, CBRE Vietnam Company, which announced this data, has specific information and affirms: Chinese customers buying houses increased sharply only statistics through the trading floor. of CBRE and in the luxury and high-end segments.

According to CBRE, the luxury and luxury real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is very attractive to investors from Asia. According to statistics based on successful transactions of CBRE in Ho Chi Minh City, it can be seen that buyers of luxury apartments are only 2% in 2016, 4% in 2017, but in the first 9 months of the year now, the proportion of buyers with Chinese nationality leads with 31%.
CBRE said that the main reason is that since 2015, Vietnam started to open its doors to allow foreign investors to own real estate in Vietnam; At the same time, Vietnamese investors also actively bring overseas projects to introduce. If 2016 - 2017, investors bring projects to greet in Singapore, Hong Kong (China), then in 2018, they bring projects to Beijing and Shanghai (China).
On the other hand, the reason why Chinese investors are more interested in investing in the Ho Chi Minh City real estate market is because they see similarities in development between Ho Chi Minh City and Shanghai City. , China. 30 years ago, Shanghai was almost like Ho Chi Minh City now with many vacant areas and low-rise houses. In the process of development, Shanghai is now one of the leading financial centers in the world and consequently real estate prices have increased many times.

Analysis of foreign buyers, CBRE found that more and more customers have never set foot in Vietnam market. In the past, if foreign buyers bought houses mainly because they lived and worked in Vietnam for a long time, now thanks to the active marketing from investors in foreign markets, fish investors Foreign workers know more about Vietnam and many of them decide to buy even though they have not arrived in Vietnam. However, in fact, after identifying the project or product that they are interested in, they will go to Vietnam to work with CBRE's trading floor to visit the project, carry out the necessary procedures in buying. home and contract