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China - 40+ doctors sent to Qingzhen City after students experience vomiting and diarrhea, Guizhou province - September 18, 2018

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  • China - 40+ doctors sent to Qingzhen City after students experience vomiting and diarrhea, Guizhou province - September 18, 2018

    2018-09-18 20:20:40Beijing News New Media ? Author: Konka Zhang Tong

    Guizhou students vomiting and diarrhea after lunch, 47 people stayed in the hospital to observe the parents: rice smells smelly | boiling point

      The Beijing News (Reporter Kang Jia Zhang Wei) today (September 18), four small and five small students in Qingzhen City, Guizhou Province, experienced abdominal pain and vomiting after lunch. The Beijing News reporter learned that dining students pay a monthly fee of 240 yuan, and an average lunch cost 12 yuan. Some parents said that they found the children's lunch smelling awkward at school today. The Qingzhen Internet Office issued a notice saying that as of 17:00 today, a total of 47 students were hospitalized and 4 were hospitalized.
      Parents: After the meal, the child reflects headache and nausea
      Ms. Zhang, a student of the fourth grade of Qingzhen, told the Beijing News that today the school convened a member of the family committee to attend the school. At about 10:30, the student meal has been delivered, and the members of the family committee saw the student's meal. ?The dishes are hot, but the smell of the rice is awkward. And it was only 10 o'clock at that time, and the rice had to wait until 12 noon for the children to eat.?
      Ms. Zhang introduced that it was previously delivered to the classrooms by the food delivery company. For the sake of convenience, the dishes were directly distributed to the students this year. This year's meal costs have also increased to 240 yuan per month, and each Chinese meal has an average of 12 yuan. Many children had discomfort after eating at noon today, and two children in their class were going to the hospital.
      Another parent of the class said that his child said that his stomach hurts after eating today. After a few tests in the hospital and a series of tests, he is still waiting for the test report. "There are many children in the hospital, four small and five small, and there are more than one hundred. I think many children have spit."
      Mr. Wang?s sister is currently studying in the sixth grade of Hongfeng Fifth Primary School in Qingzhen City. He introduced that around 12 noon, some parents in the parents? group reflected the school?s food problems. His sister also said that he was dizzy and was sent to the People's Hospital for examination and testing.
      Students report that they have eaten bugs and hair three times a month.
      "There are two ambulances and five police cars in the school. We have counted more than one hundred people to check." Mr. Wang said that many of these students have abdominal pain and vomiting. There are also some conditions of dizziness and headache. "Every month, I pay 240 meals a month. I didn't expect this to happen."
      Ms. Li?s child was enrolled in the fifth grade of the fifth elementary school. She said that the child has been eating lunch at school. This year, the children often go home and say that the school lunch is not good. ?It?s hard to eat, no meat, nearly a month. I have been told three times that there are bugs and hair in the food."
      Ms. Li?s family had visited the school and found that ?the sauerkraut rice is only a few beans, all soups?, and other dishes do not look like the configuration of more than ten yuan per meal.
      Today (18th), Ms. Li saw in the parents group that parents reported that the child had diarrhea and vomiting after eating lunch. She immediately went to school to pick up the child. The child reported ?hidden abdominal pain?, which was relatively mild at home. Observed, did not seek medical treatment, but 5 people in the same class went to the doctor, one of them vomiting, diarrhea is serious. "He said that the food that I ate today was weird." Another parent said that today's lunch has a "sour smell". After the child has a stomachache, he will take blood tests and take the medicine. Until 19:00, he will go home to observe.
      This afternoon, the Internet Information Management Office of Qingzhen City issued a briefing again, saying that as of 17:00 on the 18th, it was learned from the Municipal Emergency Office that all students who experienced discomfort and vomiting had been sent to the hospital for examination and treatment. A total of more than 40 doctors were dispatched by the city, and three checkpoints and three hospitalization points were arranged. The medical students were sent to a mild gastrointestinal reaction. At present, 47 students have been hospitalized, 4 of them are hospitalized, no serious cases, and no adverse reactions have occurred.
      It is also known that some taxi drivers and netizens rumored that "a person died." This reminds the general public and netizen friends, don't believe it. For those who publish rumors, once verified, the public security organs will deal with them according to law.


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