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China - In several hospitals pediatric fever patients increase 20% over this time last year, respiratory, diarrhea, rotovirus in Fuzhou, Fujian province - March 4, 2016

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  • China - In several hospitals pediatric fever patients increase 20% over this time last year, respiratory, diarrhea, rotovirus in Fuzhou, Fujian province - March 4, 2016

    Recent major hospitals, Fuzhou fever in children increase

    Doctor: weather anomalies, active virus, fewer children to crowded places

    Time: 2016-03-04 10:16:26 Source: Southeast Express into the forum

    Where Southeast Express, East Fastweb original press release, without explicit authorization, declined reproduced, or they will pursue legal responsibility
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      Eastern Express (Reporter Huang Shuping) yesterday, one parent said in a posting circle of friends, Fuzhou, a primary school classes with more than the flu, the whole class closed. This message is broken so that parents are worried. Yesterday, the Southeast Express reporter to Fuzhou General Hospital, Children's Hospital of Fuzhou, Fujian Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital and many other hospitals confirmation from the fifteenth day after, the sick child does add one or two percent, but not heard students collective outbreak of influenza situation. "In recent days, the emergency department and outpatient day are full, mainly respiratory tract infections in children." Yesterday, the director of the emergency department at Children's Hospital of Fuzhou, Fujian Province Huang Guohui told Southeast Express reporter from the fifteenth day after the hospital patient on more up over years increased by about 20%. Mainly respiratory tract infection sick, manifested as fever and diarrhea caused by rotavirus infection.
    黄国辉 said that unlike in previous years, this year's focus on sick children under 2 years and 6 years of age. In the past focused on children autumn diarrhea October to December, two months has increased. Huang Guohui introduced, a substantial increase in sick children, and fever and repeatedly, with unusually cold this year, recent weather changes, viral activity enhancement have a great relationship.
    In addition, the Nanjing Military Region, Fuzhou General Hospital of Pediatrics chief physician of any of Na Yung also introduced, nearly a month, the hospital pediatric outpatients increased cold refrain, many children infected with norovirus.Any Na Rong said that every spring is the most active virus, the flu season this year, the weather changes, so that children with poor immunity fever duration becomes long illness.
    Doctors advise high fever best to check a blood check a convenient stop diarrhea

    These days, there are some children every day, because febrile seizures caused by high fever, dehydration was rushed to hospital, which led to this reason, is that parents do not have time to pay attention to children with fever and symptoms.
    Huang Guohui reminded Recently, fever in children, mostly high fever, so once the twelve days of fever subside the symptoms actually worsened, immediately to the hospital. Na Rong also said any child with fever or diarrhea, fear is triggered febrile seizures and dehydration, so children with fever to subside and the best investigation to blood, judged is a bacterial infection or a viral infection, for symptomatic treatment. In addition, combined with fever diarrhea in children, it should be a stool examination to determine whether rotavirus infection, replenish oral rehydration salts, comprehensive treatment.
    Recently for sick children cold fever increased significantly, two experts have said that most of the parents did not care good, or lead to cross-infection among children.
    Huang Guohui reminded recently Fuzhou gradually warmer temperatures, but also appropriate "Spring cover" premature take off too many clothes, when the weather changes or late spring it easy to catch cold, causing colds and other diseases.However, "Spring cover" is not better dressed, wearing clothes too much, will "cover" sweating, cold winds, but also easy to catch cold. Huang Guohui still many cases there will be many children in kindergarten together a fever, are often cross-infection, so that once their children have a fever, it is best to go out less and less crowded place to walk, in order to avoid poor resistance to infection again or cause others infected.
    Na Rong also said any child resistance is poor, more likely to be hit by the virus. Therefore, it can improve the daily care of the child through some resistance prevention. For example, do not just wake up the baby immediately to the outdoors, it is best indoor activities for a while to adapt to temperature changes. When the house was cold, it should pay attention to wear masks, avoid close contact with the child, keep indoor ventilation.
    In addition, to supervise their children wash their hands of habit, go out back and before eating, wash your hands in a timely manner to reduce the "disease from the mouth" opportunities. During the flu, eat more fruits and vegetables, increase endurance.